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Paar Physica MCR Rheometer offers new accessories and software

Published on 2003-02-20. Author : SpecialChem


The Modular Compact Rheometer Series of instruments from Paar Physica features a range of accessories and the latest version of software, Version 2.4, to simplify test and analysis.

The modular MCR can be configured for applications ranging from simple, "one-button" QC/QA testing to advanced research and development. Systems for testing fluids, melts and solids, as well as accessories for testing magnetorheological and electrorheological materials increase the MCRs versatility.

Samples can be tested over extreme ranges of temperature and pressure, and changes in structure can be observed directly using the MCR's flow visualization system.
New software features help ensure consistent sample loading and application-specific test selection simplifies analysis.

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