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Palmer Holland Expands Distribution Relationship with Olin Epoxy into Canada

Published on 2021-08-27. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Palmer Holland Expands Distribution Relationship with Olin Epoxy into CanadaPalmer Holland announces the expansion of its longstanding relationship with Olin, a supplier of epoxy materials, into Canada.

Epoxy Materials Distribution in Canada

This territory expansion builds upon Palmer Holland’s existing responsibilities as a distributor of Olin Epoxy’s products in the Northeast and Midwest regions of the United States. Palmer Holland represents Olin Epoxy’s lines of:

  • Liquid Epoxy Resins D.E.R.™ 300 Series
  • Epoxy Blends D.E.R.™ 300 Series
  • Epoxy Solids D.E.R.™ 300 Series
  • Hardeners D.E.H.™ 300 Series
  • Flame Retardant Epoxies D.E.R.™ Series
  • Novolacs D.E.N.™ Series
  • Reactive Diluents D.E.R.™ Series
  • Solid Solutions D.E.R.™ Series
  • Waterborne Hardeners D.E.H.™ Series
  • Waterborne Resins D.E.R.™ Series

Olin is confident that our expanded distribution network with Palmer Holland for all Olin Epoxy products offered in North America will provide enhanced service for our Canadian customers,” said Steve Mills, Olin epoxy commercial director North America.

In accordance with its strategy to offer synergistic solutions to its customers, Palmer Holland’s robust range of offerings complements Olin’s comprehensive epoxy portfolio for the civil engineering, coatings, and adhesives sectors.

Source: Palmer Holland


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