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Polyonics Meets ASTM Specification for its Range of Polyimide Label Materials

Published on 2015-04-02. Author : SpecialChem

Out-gassing is a critical issue in the manufacturing and operation of specialized electronic devices such as LED’s, cameras and hard disk drives. These devices are used in high vacuum environments so even the slightest amount of outgas can be detrimental to their performance. When label materials out-gas, they can leave adhesive residue on key components that can be sensitive to low levels of deposition.

Polyonics has recently achieved passing results to the ASTM E595 specification for low out-gassing for its core product line including: XF-528, XF-529, XF-581, XF-582, XF-583 & XF-584 among others. Along with minimal out-gassing, these label materials are rated for temperatures of 280°C and offer extreme chemical resistance to solvents and cleaners used in the print circuit board manufacturing process.

To ensure label materials used in the fabrication of these devices are low out-gassing, materials must meet the requirements of ASTM E595 standard. Along with hard disk manufacturers, NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) also require low out-gassing materials including labels, be used throughout their space crafts. Any out-gassing can potentially condense onto optical elements, thermal radiators and or solar cells and render them useless.

Each material is thermal transfer printable and comply with RoHS, REACH and are certified to halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels. They can be used in several applications including:
• Camera assemblies
• LED manufacturing
• Electronic component tracking
• Printed circuit board identification
• Warning labels for embedded batteries

About Polyonics

Polyonics is a renowned manufacturer of high performance, custom film, tape and label materials used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. Founded in 1995, and ISO 9001:2008 registered, Polyonics strategically designs single and double coated polyimide, polyester and aluminum films for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in the electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical industries.

Polyonics is an ESOP company and operates with the highest level of business integrity and ethical standards. It is regarded as a good employer, community citizen and committed to education, training and staff development. All of its products are continuously evaluated to make sure they meet the strictest international environmental regulations, are earth friendly, sustainable and possess the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Source: Polyonics

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