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PPE Develops Endura Seals for Extreme Temperatures in Offshore Processing

Published on 2011-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

High performance seals specialist, Precision Polymer Engineering, a Unit of IDEX Corp., is announcing its latest developments in ultra-high temperature and extreme low temperature resistant Perlast perfluoroelastomer and Endura seals for HP/HT/LT offshore applications, at Offshore Europe on Stand No. 3E80.

For continuous use at high temperatures, without loss of mechanical performance, PPE has developed perfluoroelastomer Perlast G75TX for processes up to 327°C (621°F), together with fluoroelastomer V91J for continuous exposure at 250°C (482°F). Overcoming the traditional weakness of perfluoroelastomers at low temperature, all-round sealing performer Perlast G92E is now capable of sub-zero operation down to -30°C (-22°F) at pressures up to 5,500psi.

Endura seals for demanding applications

The Endura range of oilfield elastomers has been specifically developed by PPE for use in downhole, surface and subsea oilfield equipment and offers excellent rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistance. Many of the Endura materials have been tested to international RGD standards such as NORSOK, TOTAL and NACE. Over the past 25 years, PPE has supplied O-rings and custom seals for systems operating in the most inhospitable subsea environments in the world at temperatures from -46°C (-51°F) up to +327°C (+621°F). PPE has sales offices in Aberdeen, the US (Houston), Europe and Asia, in addition to extensive manufacturing and technical development resources at the company's Blackburn facility in Lancashire.

About PPE

PPE is a world leading designer and manufacturer of high performance sealing solutions. The company's elastomers product range is used in many demanding manufacturing environments around the world. Applications as varied as semi-conductor manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, marine engineering and power generation benefit from PPE's innovative, robust and reliable sealing solutions.

Founded in 1974, PPE has over 35 years specialist sealing expertise, offering an unrivalled range of products from over 170 elastomer materials. The company's materials scientists and applications technologists are working at the forefront of elastomer technology, developing new materials for specialist applications. These include PERLAST®, the world's leading perfluoroelastomer for critical sealing applications such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and ENDURA® which was specifically developed for use in the oil and gas industry.

Source: PPE

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