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PTT to Jointly Study Development of Propylene Oxide & Polyether Polyols

Published on 2015-08-20. Author : SpecialChem

BANGKOK, Thailand -- PTT Global Chemical signed two of Head of Agreement (HoA), to jointly perform engineering study for potential development of Propylene Oxide (PO) 200 KTA with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) and to jointly perform engineering study for potential development of Polyether Polyols (Polyols) 130 KTA with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) and Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. (SCI). This Complex will be located in Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate (HEIE), Rayong in Thailand and total investment is approximately USD 1 Billion.

PTT Partners with TTC & SCI
Fig. 1: PTT Partners with TTC & SCI

Mr. Supattanapong Punmeechaow, President & Chief Executive Officer, PTTGC, stated that through this joint study, PTTGC will secure a reliable and stable supply of feedstock, which are propylene for PO production and Ethylene Oxide for Polyols production while SCI will provide its technology know-how and R&D development for Polyols to fulfill customer’s requirement. TTC will support the project with their logistics and order management expertise with strong market and sale network around the world especially in Asia Pacific & India for both PO and Polyols. With the key strengths of three partners, it can enhance the project competitiveness.

After the successful completion of a prelim joint feasibility study began in early of 2015, when PTTGC, TTC, and SCI signed a memorandum of understanding to launch the effort, the project has moved to the early phase of engineering study to perform front end engineering design and verify the viability of the project before Final Investment Decision (FID), which’s targeted next year, for going to the phase of execution with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Polyols is key raw material for manufacturing of high-quality Polyurethane foams, added benefits of consuming less energy and process materials, as well as generating less waste, in automotive, furniture, band bedding, construction, electronic and electrical industries.


PTT Global Chemical, as Chemical Flagship of the PTT Group, with the combined chemical / petrochemical capacity of 8.75 million tons per year and crude oil / condensate distillation capacity of 280,000 barrels per day. The Company has been expanding its business into the specialties and green chemicals through a number of oversea strategic acquisitions. Such investments also clearly represent PTT Global Chemical's growth aspiration to expand its business internationally.

About SCI

Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese Performance Chemicals Manufacturer, with its turnover at 1,670billion Yen in 2014. Its wide range of products line, such as Surfactants, Polyurethane Foam Materials, Super Absorbent Polymers etc, have been contributing to the various industrial segments, Toiletry, Healthcare, Petroleum, Automotives and others, with its unique functional characteristics to bring better performance.

About TTC

Toyota Tsusho Corporation is a Japanese listed company 21.7% owned by the Toyota Motor Corporation. It is a general trading company with turnover of approximately US$72bn with approximately 53,000 employees. Originally established as the trading and supply chain arm of Toyota Motor Corporation, the company now has a related business in metals trading and processing, machinery and electronics, the automotive industry, energy and chemicals, produce and foodstuffs and consumer goods. Its automotive division exports Toyota Motor Corporation's vehicles and parts across the globe.

Source: PTT Global Chemical  

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