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Resinate Materials Group Earns ASC Innovation Award

Published on 2017-04-21. Author : SpecialChem

Resinate Materials Group has been honored with the Adhesive and Sealant Council’s (ASC) prestigious Small Business Innovation Award. The annual award is given to companies that have demonstrated significant impact chemistries that contribute to unmet needs and advancements in chemical technology.

Performance-driven Green Chemistry

Recycled Content Polyol in Adhesive Applications

Resinate has received the award for its submission, “Creating a Circular Economy by converting PET scrap to Polyester Polyols for Adhesives Synthesis.” The polyols, developed using novel synthesis of scrap PET from bottle recyclers, the automotive industry and the carpet industry, have demonstrated equal or superior performance when compared to traditional specialty polyols in coating and adhesive applications.

Brian Chermside, Resinate Chief Executive Officer, said:

“Our team is dedicated to advancing green chemistry. But we would not be able to do that if the science did not deliver the market’s required performance. Our novel technology allows us to use recycled and renewable content to create high-performance polyols for demanding applications, including coatings, adhesives, sealants, rigid foams and more.”

About Resinate Materials Group

Resinate Materials Group is committed to advancing the use of recycled content in specialty polyols, the backbone of materials such as coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and foams. Since 2007, Resinate has been innovating ways to divert landfill waste, extend the lifecycle of finite resources, and upcycle used molecules into valuable green chemistry solutions.

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Source: Resinate Materials Group
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