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Roquette Reports Grand Success of the Plant-based Summit

Published on 2013-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

The Plant Based Summit, the European Congress and Exhibition for biobased products, took place in Paris from 19 to 21 November and brought together over 500 committed players and decision-makers in the Plant Based Chemistry field at the international level.

During two days, conferences and plenary sessions followed one another and were chaired by a hundred or so speakers. Plant Based Chemistry is a chemistry that uses the biomass (cereals, potatoes, sugars, oils, wood etc…) to produce chemicals and their derivatives. It groups together all the players in the sector, from the production of biomass to the distribution of finished products: agro-industrialists, chemists, plastic processors, formulators… It thus enables a boom in new materials, paints, adhesives, lubricants, cosmetics and detergent.

Plant Based Chemistry is a real opportunity for economic development and currently necessitates concrete measures from the Governments to become a strong and ambitious industrial reality.

Roquette: a strong commitment to plant based chemistry

A Gold Partner of this event, Roquette stood out as one of the major leaders of this promising and innovative sector.

Roquette contributed in several ways to the Plant Based Summit, in particular through:
  • The participation of Edouard Roquette, Chairman and Chief Executive of Roquette, in a round table alongside DSM, Michelin, Deinove, Sofiproteo and Novamont.
  • The presentations and lectures given by Christophe Rupp Dahlem, president of the Plant Based Chemistry Association, the co-organiser of this event, Camille Burel, Johnny Pallot and Léon Mentink (Roquette R&D).
  • A stand dedicated to Roquette's Plant Based Chemistry solutions.
  • The visit to the industrial site of Roquette Lestrem on the third day for the participants selected.

Over and beyond the success of this event dedicated to the Plant Based Chemistry, Roquette once again demonstrated its commitment as an innovative and vital member of this new sector.

About Roquette

Serving a comprehensive range of industrial sectors, Roquette is one of the world's most advanced producers of starch and starch derivatives. It is also its leading expert in polyols, and the leading European producer of pyrogen free raw materials and cationic starches. Roquette factories in Europe, America and Asia process exclusively renewable raw materials, such as maize, wheat, potatoes and peas; over 700 products in worldwide demand testify to the quality and success of the company's outstanding research, sourcing, production and delivery systems.

Source: Roquette

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