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SAPICI Releases its Recommendations on European Diisocyanates Restriction Proposal

Published on 2017-08-15. Author : SpecialChem

SAPICI fully supports the adoption of strict standards

SAPICI has shared its Positioning Statement and Recommendations on the European Diisocyanates Restriction Proposal submitted by Germany to the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and currently subject to public consultation.

SAPICI Supports Adoption of Strict Standards

While fully endorsing, sustaining and implementing the strictest standards for the continuous respect of the human health and the environment preservation and protection, SAPICI recommends that the identification and implementation of parameters and methods for chemical products evaluation and circulation in Europe shall not damage the European chemical industry’s license to operate and its ability to develop and offer polyurethane-based customized solutions to its clients. Neither the restrictions should impact the international competitiveness of the European industry at large.

SAPICI’s clients know that since 2004 the Company has been developing, manufacturing and commercializing truly advanced polyurethane products and solutions fully compliant even with the proposed further restrictions suggested by the German Dossier submitted to ECHA.

Cristian Furiosi, CEO of SAPICI, commented:

“SAPICI is confident that any further decisions regarding the use and circulation of chemicals in Europe will be taken in respect of the demonstrated commitment, the achieved results and the progressive continuous improvements that the Industry through its players has been able to show and sustain.”

Ultra-low Free Monomer Products

Furiosi added:

“Already thirteen years ago, first in the world SAPICI introduced aromatic isocyanates with ultra-low free monomer content (less than 0.1%) representing a milestone in the Coating and Adhesives industries and still a benchmark in the market. That means that even in case the proposed further restrictions would pass the on-going public consultation, and they would be implemented, there would be no changes for SAPICI’s clients already using ultra-low free monomer products: neither in terms of product supply, nor in terms of linear pricing. We also believe that for any standard PU application where formulations below 0.1% cannot be developed yet, the market should be allowed to use the available products, always in full respect of the existing laws, regulations and best practices.”

 Positioning Statement and Recommendations
As regards labelling, SAPICI’s innovative and sustainable Aromatic (both MDI and TDI based), Aliphatic (HDI based) and Hybrid Aromatic/Aliphatic Polurgreen Line of isocyanate products with ultra-low free monomer (<0.1%) already make it possible for the clients to downgrade their own products’ Hazard Pictograms and Statements from “danger” to just “warning” — without the use of the Serious Health Hazard Pictogram —, thus immediately showing the lowering of the potential risk of the final products. Such advantages would not be possible with other SAPICI products containing even just <0.5% concentration of free monomer.

No Discontinuation of Standard Polyurethane Products

SAPICI wishes to reassure its clients that while keeping investing in the development of new products, the Company is not planning to discontinue its standard polyurethane product range.

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Source: SAPICI
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