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Sartomer to Distribute Liquid Rubber Coagents to Formulators and Manufacturers

Published on 2011-06-02. Author : SpecialChem

EXTON, Pa. -- Global specialty chemicals manufacturer Sartomer USA, LLC will resume direct sales and distribution of coagents to formulators and manufacturers in the worldwide rubber industry. The product offering includes SR®, CN and Saret® brand liquid rubber coagents.

Sartomer produced and marketed liquid rubber coagents from the 1960s through 2009. Cray Valley became the exclusive distributor of these products in 2010, although manufacturing remained with Sartomer. There will be no change in manufacturing locations or processes going forward. Cray Valley will continue to manufacture and market Ricon® resins and metallic monomers for the rubber industry.

"Sartomer has a long track record with rubber producers and we are looking forward to again growing our relationships in the industry with great technical support and outstanding service," said Albert Tuccio, senior vice president, Americas, of Sartomer USA, LLC.

Sartomer USA, LLC and Cray Valley HSC, are manufacturers of specialty chemicals, part of Total's chemical branch. Both are headquartered in Exton, Pa. Sartomer provides a variety of specialty chemicals designed to enhance processing and performance characteristics in coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, composites, and other demanding applications.

The Hydrocarbon Specialty Chemical division of Cray Valley provides hydrocarbon resins, Norsolene® and Wingtack® tackifying resins, along with Poly bd®, Ricon®, Krasol®, SMA® resins and metallic coagents. These products are used as raw materials for adhesives, rubber and other applications.

About Sartomer USA

Founded over 50 years ago, Sartomer USA, LLC has pioneered the commercial development of products for cured-in-place technologies. The name, "Sartomer", is derived from Greek and Latin words together meaning "tailor made part", a concept of doing business that clearly sets Sartomer apart from the competition. Every aspect of Sartomer's operations is uniquely structured toward one common goal...to accommodate the special requirements of each individual customer, large or small.

Source: Sartomer USA

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