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Scapa Automotive – Expanding Its Sealants Range

Published on 2004-08-04. Author : SpecialChem


A new automotive butyl tape capable of expansion up to 200% has been launched by Scapa Automotive. Ideal for filling awkward gaps, preventing water ingress and eliminating unwanted noises in vehicles, BondSeal 0442 means OEMs can now enjoy the convenience of sourcing a full range of butyls and sealants from a single supplier.

"While the majority of application demands can be met with 60% expansion, there are occasions when a high performance butyl is needed. BondSeal 0442 is a synthetic rubber-based sealant strip which offers exceptional expansion for filling gaps during body-in-white assembly," comments Alex Kean, application engineer at Scapa.

Containing blowing agents and curatives, the tape expands within approximately five minutes of being heated during the paint bake cycle, eliminating wind whistle noises and preventing water from entering gaps. Full expansion is achieved after 20 minutes, when heated at 180°C, for quick and easy application. In addition, the tape can also be supplied with a heat-activated film on one side. This means the tape is effectively single-sided for easy handling during assembly but acts as a double-sided once heated, ensuring a firm seal.

The introduction of BondSeal 0442 means Scapa now offers a full portfolio of butyl solutions, allowing vehicle manufacturers to approach one single supplier for a comprehensive range of sealant tapes with expansion rates from 10% up to 200%. These can be supplied in standard formats or die-cut to customised specifications using Scapa's in-house capabilities. Scapa provides a one-stop-shop offering specialist expertise and taking ownership of bonding problems.

Source: Scapa

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