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Scott Bader Expands its Amiens Facility for Specialty Chemicals

Published on 2016-04-13. Author : SpecialChem

To mark its 50th anniversary and the completion of a recent major site expansion to secure its long term future, Scott Bader’s French production plant hosted two open day celebration events. The chemical plant is situated in the Montières industrial zone on the outskirts of the famous, historic city of Amiens, on the River Somme in Northern France. Scott Bader has been a major manufacturer and local employer in the area since 1966. The official open day event took place recently, attended by over 30 customers from both the Composites and Specialty Polymers divisions of the Group, along with the Mayor of Amiens plus local authority dignitaries and town officials. A more informal open day was held the next day for Scott Bader France employees and their families, who were shown around the new site and enjoyed celebrating together both the past and a bright future for Scott Bader in Amiens.

Scott Bader Expands its Amiens Facility
Fig. 1: Scott Bader Expands its Amiens Facility

This 50th anniversary celebration was the perfect opportunity to also officially open the recent €4.2 million expansion and modernization of the Amiens site, now with much more space for the 108 people currently working on the site and new facilities, specifically a new and bigger warehouse and a new administration building. The expansion was completed and operational in late 2015, having finally acquired the land immediately next to the existing site and gaining permission to commence construction in 2014. This major site expansion has provided Scott Bader France with an additional 13,000 sq. metres, almost doubling the size of the production site to just under 28,000 sq. meters.

The expansion has made a big difference to Scott Bader employees and visitors to the Amiens site, which has upgraded from old 1960s prefabricated buildings, to a new 800 sq. metres central building for sales, production and administration staff, with meeting rooms, offices and facilities for employees. Customers have experienced an improved distribution service from the new ‘state-of the-art’ logistics center, complete with ‘all weather’ covered loading bays. There is now more space for stockholding of both raw materials and finished goods in the new 2,500 sq. meters purpose built, OHSAS 18001 certified high rise warehouse, designed for efficiently handling palletiszd, drum, keg and IBC packaged composites and specialty polymer products; the Amiens chemical plant manufactures unsaturated polyester resins, advanced gelcoats and structural adhesives for the composites industry, as well as a wide range of specialty chemical products, using water based and solvent borne polymer technologies, for the Coatings, Construction, Textiles and Graphic Arts markets.

The expanded site layout, signage and road access to the new warehouse and office building meets the very latest OHSAS safety standards, particularly with respect to fire and the movement of cars, HGVs and bulk road tanker traffic; Being a chemical plant, the Amiens site maintains the highest quality and EHS standards, also being ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited for many years.

The completion of this major expansion is part of an ongoing commitment of the Scott Bader board to maintain production in Amiens and to continue to invest for long term business sustainability. The acquisition of the adjacent land has not only enabled the creation of new warehousing and offices, but has now freed up space on the original site for future expansion. Jean-Marc Bain, the President of Scott Bader France, explained: “The original site enabled us to grow our business over the last 50 years, but for continued growth we needed to expand. We were delighted to finally secure a deal for the land next door and to get the financial backing from the Scott Bader Group Board to enable the Amiens site expansion to become a reality. This is very good news for today and the future. We have not only significantly improved our operational facilities and working environment, but the site expansion has freed up space on the original site for installing additional reactors and mixers, so we can increase our production capacity to keep pace with market growth and customer demand going forward.”

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader was established in 1921 and is a Euro 227 million global chemical company, employing over 600 people worldwide. With manufacturing sites located around the world including our new ventures in Canada, South America and India, it manufactures, sell and distribute a wide range of synthetic resins and polymers to many different markets and have built a reputation for innovation, quality and excellent customer service.

Source: Scott Bader

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