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SE&E Program-A-Swirl dispenses patterns and beads

Published on 2004-01-07. Author : SpecialChem

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.'s Program-A-Swirl system is designed to dispense adhesives or sealants in a circular swirling pattern or as a continuous bead.

By dispensing in a swirled pattern of closed loops, the Program-A-Swirl maximizes adhesion between two substrates and uses less material to 'wet out' a greater area. Swirling is achieved by oscillating the nozzle assembly creating a concentric circular pattern. The assembly "self-centers" its action-this allows the tool to alternate on the fly between dispensing a swirl pattern and a consistent bead path.

The versatile Program-A-Swirl system can be used with a static mixer nozzle to dispense two-component, reactive resin materials, or with a standard nozzle for single-component materials.

Program-A-Swirl is typically mounted as an end-of-arm tool in robotic applications or fixture-mounted in automation tooling. It can be integrated with many Sealant Equipment dispense systems.

Source: Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.

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