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Star Alloys Develop Super Tacky Thermoplastic Elastomer Series for Enhanced Grip

Published on 2011-03-23. Author : SpecialChem

BROADVIEW, IL -- Because some applications call for a super tacky thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), the Star Thermoplastics Division of Star Alloys & Rubbers, Inc. has developed a new line for designers, processors and marketers. As such, it gives marketers and manufacturers a wider latitude than ever before to enhance existing products or develop new ones.

StarGrip-X® 5000 series

Called the StarGrip-X® 5000 series, the new TPE line is expressly formulated for applications calling for enhanced grip as well as improved feel. The new grades can be injection molded or extruded into thick or thin parts. Suggested applications include athletic products grips, kitchen and garden utensil handles, toolbox and luggage handles, power tool handles and grips, and sheets for special products.

With many grades already in stock and a variety of samples readily available, Star officials note that they can also custom formulate a grade for any special or unique need. This includes, but is not limited to, grades in hardnesses ranging from Shore A 30 to 70, in black, natural or a variety of custom colors and with different specific gravities to achieve the ideal surface look, finish and feel.

About Star Thermoplastics

Star Thermoplastics founded in 1993, is a leading provider of thermoplastic elastomers with many production lines to fill both large and small orders, a full-service laboratory and trained sales and technical support personnel across the continent. Company products are sold under the trade names Starflex, StarMediflex, StarTuff, StarXtrude, StarBond, StarClear, StarGrip and now StarGrip-X. With its newly enhanced chemical and analytical laboratory, Star has the ability to duplicate any existing TPE with improved formulations at better prices.

Source: Star Thermoplastics

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