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Thermo Electron announces extension rheometer

Published on 2003-07-02. Author : SpecialChem


Thermo Electron Corp. introduced the CaBER 1 Extensional Rheometer, the first commercially viable means for measuring the elongational properties of non-Newtonian fluids critical to quality control during the production of industrial resins, inks and coatings, food products, and personal products such as cosmetics.

The system examines polymer solutions, suspensions, melts, adhesives, emulsions, and a variety of other materials. Applications include extrusion flows, coating flows, contraction flows, and fiber spinning flows. The thinning and breakup of a fluid filament that is analyzed with the instrument provides valuable information about a material's physical properties. With a footprint of 40x34cm, the system is small enough to fit in a fume hood, on a lab bench top, or on the plant floor.

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