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U.S. Patent Office grants patent for a method for supplying an aqueous polymer dispersion to a substrate

Published on 2003-06-27. Author : SpecialChem


The United States Patent Office granted a patent to National Starch and Chemical Company, the parent company of the Vinamul Polymers Group, for its application method for aqueous polymer dispersion to a substrate.

In essence, this technology involves precision polymer dispersion application by airless spray. The patented process results in the precise coating of a polymer on the substrate surface without the need for dilution water. The penetration into the substrate is achieved by control of pressure, nozzle type and solids content of the emulsion at spraying. The method has proven useful for porous substrates, especially in nonwoven materials. Test results showed good atomization and the patent 6,465,047 was granted.

Airless spray technology relies on a high pressure fluid to carry the polymer. When this fluid exits the cross-cut nozzle's orifice at pressure up to 1500 pounds per square inch a spray in the shape fan pattern results and there's no problem of air turbulence as with other air sprays. The airless spray technology creates minimal overspray in addition to the exceptional control of binder positioning on the substrate. For troublefree spraying, high quality filtration before the nozzle minimizes the risk of clogging in the nozzle. Constant-pressure pumps, surge chambers and fluid regulators also help ensure continuous successful spraying.

Vinamul Polymers is a unit of National Starch and Chemical Company, which had 2002 sales of $2.97 billion. National Starch is a worldwide manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, electronic and engineering materials and natural polymers. It is headquartered in Bridgewater, N.J., and is a member of the ICI Group.

Source: National Starch and Chemical Company

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