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Uniti’s New High-performance Electric City Car Uses Scott Bader’s Range of MMA Structural Adhesives

Published on 2017-12-07. Author : SpecialChem

Uniti, a Swedish start-up company, is launching its high-performance electric city car! The launch event is being held in the future manufacturing facility in Landskrona, Sweden. Uniti is expecting over 2,000 people, including global media and stakeholders in the automotive and technology industry.

Uniti's New Electric Car Uses Scott Bader's Range of MMA Structural Adhesives

MMA Structural Adhesives

Scott Bader’s Crestabond® range of MMA structural adhesives are used in the prototype manufacturing process to structurally bond composite parts. Its MMA adhesives are chosen as they do not require any primer, minimal surface preparation is needed and they offer rapid curing at room temperature.

The Crestabond® M1 and M7 range are all dispensed from cartridges using a manual or pneumatic gun and applied directly onto the parts. Uniti also uses its Polyester-based extrudable tooling compound Poly-Fair® T28 to manufacture their plugs for various mould production. Poly-Fair® T28 offers sufficient flexibility which prevents cracks, is easy and fast to machine, produces shavings (not dust) and is dimensionally stable after 24 hours at room temperature.

Gary Coldwell, Scott Bader’s adhesives sales development manager, is exhibiting its full range of adhesives at the launch event whilst also offering information on its unique ownership structure.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Uniti’s modern approach to automotive manufacture has resulted in their electric city car being manufactured from composite materials; this ensures their manufacturing process is fully automated, scalable and significantly less impactful on the environment. The design of the electric city car takes a similarly modern and environmentally friendly approach, with a smart head up display, digitalized interaction points and electronic steering.

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Source: Scott Bader
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