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UPM Raflatac & MUS Partner to Develop Bio-based Solution for Can Labeling

Published on 2017-11-06. Author : SpecialChem

MUS has partnered with UPM Raflatac to find a more sustainable alternative for their current label material solution. Historically, MUS’s products have primarily been used in the paint and chemical markets, but today MUS provides a wide assortment of cans, closures and aerosols for the cosmetic and food industries, too.

UPM Raflatac & MUS to Develop Bio-based Solution to Can Labeling
UPM Raflatac & MUS to Develop Bio-based Solution to Can Labeling

Sustainable Alternative to Standard PE Film

  • Together with UPM Raflatac, MUS has tested the new RafBio PE material in application. 
  • RafBio PE is a sustainable alternative to standard PE film and is made from sugarcane ethanol containing more than 80 % renewable plant-based raw material
  • This ecodesigned film material reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The film is recyclable within the same recycling streams as fossil-based PE.

For the test series, MUS has labeled 1 liter cylindrical cans with RafBio PE Clear FTC 85 film. The plan is to use RafBio label material for other sizes, too, as the labeled range of cans goes from 125 mm to 5 liters.

Circular Economy

In the EU, the recycling rate of metal cans is as high as 70 %. Metal cans can be recycled indefinitely, which makes them a part of circular economy. The asset of having a sustainable labeling solution for metal cans serves not only the customers but the environment too.

As a renewable material, RafBio PE Clear FTC 85 substitutes fossil-based raw materials and reduces CO2 emission in product decoration and identification leading to ecodesigned packaging.

“The recycling rate of cans in the Netherlands is at 95%. Having the RafBio PE label strengthens our product proposition even further and helps us create a very sustainable product – something a growing number of our customers consider very important,” says Willem Mus, CEO of MUS Verpakkingen.

In addition to testing this new sustainable label material, MUS has also joined UPM Raflatac’s RafCycle® program to recycle its glassine liner. After collection, glassine liner is given a new life as magazine paper at UPM Plattling in Germany.

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Source: UPM Raflatac
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