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UTECH North America 2016: Calls for Papers to Show Latest Trends in PU Industry

Published on 2015-08-27. Author : SpecialChem

Utech conferences are well recognized around the world as being the place that innovative companies showcase the developments that will impact the polyurethane industry over the next 5 to 10 years. Presenting a paper at UTECH North America 2016 will show that your company is a technology leader and key innovator in the polyurethanes space.

UTECH 2016
Fig. 1: UTECH 2016

Send the speaking proposals for UTECH North America 2016 conference by 30th September to be considered for this exciting agenda. The company welcomes papers from companies that are exhibiting at the event in a wide range of fields from machinery to materials to additives across the range of product types.

Conference background

UTECH North America 2016 will be a good time to assess the impact of growth on the US economy as it faces the future. Shale gas is driving an economic change in the US and falling unemployment levels are increasing the capacity of the economy to consume. In further signs of growing economic confidence, US manufacturers are looking to re-shore many different products...exciting times for the US economy and a time of opportunity for polyurethanes.

So at UTECH North America, expect papers on how to innovate products to meet real needs, how to open up new markets, the latest developments in raw materials, polyurethanes systems, processing equipment and manufacturing technologies.

Speaking opportunities

If your company wants to take advantage of the opportunity to present its latest developments to key polyurethane specialists, please review the information below and email Clare Boldurmaz Deadlines and Criteria. Register your interest by sending your name, job title, company name, presentation title by 30th September.

Abstracts are due by 13th November.

The criteria for selection of papers will include:
• Contribution to industry knowledge base - is this truly a significant advance?
• Timely and relevant topic - does the presentation address current or developing concerns among polyurethane industry professionals?
• Value - will the paper highlight real progress with long-term benefits?
• Objective – does the proposed speech offer a balanced and non-commercial perspective?
• Originality

Speech proposals that offer significant evidence-based developments in these respects have a far higher chance of being selected for inclusion on the programme.

Speech proposals covering purely historical ground, with an overly narrow focus and those that are deemed too sales-driven in approach are likely to be rejected.

Please do highlight the value that you consider your paper will offer to the high-level, technical specialist audience at UTECH Europe 2015.


The following list of potential main themes on likely aspects of interest should act a guideline:
• Elastomers & case developments
• Sustainability
• Flexible foam developments
• Rigid foam developments
• Processing equipment advance
• Blowing agent developments
• Automotive developments
• Science

About UTECH North America

UTECH North America offers suppliers to the polyurethane market the opportunity to showcase their products, meet potential customers and source new business. Whilst visitors can see the latest products available, source new suppliers and learn about key issues in the conference.

Source: UTECH North America

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