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WACKER Builds a New Dispersible Powder Plant in China

Published on 2007-06-14. Author : SpecialChem

Munich/Nanjing -- The Munich-based chemical Group WACKER is increasing its dispersible polymer powder capacity in China by a further 30,000 metric tons per year by building a new spray dryer in Nanjing. Scheduled to start operations in late 2008, the new plant will be constructed by Wacker Polymer Systems, a joint venture of WACKER and Air Products. The aim of this investment project is to secure sufficient long-term VINNAPAS® polymer-powder capacity and to guarantee Asia-Pacific customers consistently high delivery reliability and product quality in the future, too. WACKER ranks among the world's largest producers of dispersible polymer powders.

The capacity expansion will enable WACKER to meet increasing global construction-sector demand for high-quality polymeric binders. Construction work is scheduled to start this fall, once all necessary permits have been received from the Chinese authorities.

"China is growing much faster than the global average. It is already the third largest chemical market in the world. That is why we brought a new polymer-powder spray dryer on stream at our Zhangjiagang site in 2005," explains Arno von der Eltz, President of WACKER POLYMERS. "Powder-capacity expansion at our Burghausen site will be complete this year, we expect to start operating in the third quarter. The new facility in Burghausen and the one planned in Nanjing are essential in order to meet predicted market growth on a long term and stable base."

WACKER has been producing polymer powders and dispersions for the construction industry for 50 years. VINNAPAS® polymer powders are thermoplastic, plasticizer-free polymers derived primarily from vinyl acetate and ethylene. It was in 1957 that WACKER chemists first succeeded in industrially manufacturing the first powder binder as an additive for dry-mortar mixes. That same year, the first spray dryer for dispersible polymer powders started operating. Today, WACKER POLYMERS is a global market and technology leader in the field of vinyl acetate-based copolymers and terpolymers – marketed worldwide under the VINNAPAS® trademark.

VINNAPAS® polymer powders and dispersions are used in diverse building applications such as exterior insulation and finish systems, construction and tile adhesives, screeds, self-leveling flooring compounds, plasters, repair mortars, fillers and cementitious sealing slurries. They enhance important properties in the end product, such as adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength. Water retention, processing properties and weatherability also benefit from VINNAPAS®.


WACKER POLYMERS is a leading producer of state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, polyvinyl acetates, surface coating resins, polyvinyl butyrals and polyvinyl alcohol solutions. These products are used by companies in industries such as construction, automotive, paper and adhesives, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and surface coatings. WACKER POLYMERS has production sites in Germany, China and the USA, as well as a global sales network and technology centers in all major regions.

This press release contains forward-looking statements based on assumptions and estimates of WACKER's Executive Board. Although we assume the expectations in these forward-looking statements are realistic, we cannot guarantee they will prove to be correct. The assumptions may harbor risks and uncertainties that may cause the actual figures to differ considerably from the forward-looking statements. Factors that may cause such discrepancies include, among other things, changes in the economic and business environment, variations in exchange and interest rates, the introduction of competing products, lack of acceptance for new products or services, and changes in corporate strategy. WACKER does not plan to update the forward-looking statements, nor does it assume the obligation to do so.

Source: WACKER

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