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Wacker Develops Novel VAE Copolymer Dispersion for Paper and Packaging Adhesives

Published on 2010-10-19. Author : SpecialChem

Munich -- Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, has developed a new polymer dispersion specifically catering to the needs of the paper and packaging industry. The new vinyl acetate/ethylene-based (VAE) copolymer dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 441 is a multi-purpose binder combining excellent nozzle application and high setting speed, resulting in faster production and reduced cost in use. The new product further advances Wacker's position as market and technology leader in the field of VAE copolymer dispersions for adhesives.

The novel VAE copolymer dispersion VINNAPAS® EP 441, an aqueous dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene, offers exceptional adhesive characteristics for paper and packaging applications. It has been especially developed to support the continuing global trend of non contact extrusion ("nozzle") technology instead of roller application for paper converting. In nozzle application, the binder is applied by pulsed dots through nozzles. This leads to reduced binder consumption and faster production speed, thus resulting in higher productivity. To reach high flexibility in application, binders must combine good machinability for nozzle as well as roll applications and show good performance with regard to other relevant properties such as setting speed.

Based on many years of experience with VAE technology, Wacker has now developed a multi-purpose VAE copolymer dispersion with improved performance on nozzle application. The new product VINNAPAS® EP 441 is demonstrating good adhesion and cohesion balance, good cleanability, high setting speed and good machine processability. Above all, it offers an excellent nozzle performance while showing good runability on roller applications, too. The polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) stabilized dispersion is further characterized by an improved viscosity range ( ~ 4000 mPas). Altogether, the dispersion allows for a higher productivity in paper converting, and at the same time exhibits an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

As one of the founders of VAE technology, Wacker Polymers has over 70 years' experience in this field, and is today a global market and technology leader in the area of VAE dispersions for adhesives.

About Wacker Polymers

Wacker Polymers is a leading producer of state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, polyvinyl acetates, surface coating resins and solutions. They are used in construction chemicals, paints, lacquers and surface coatings, adhesives, paper and nonwovens, and as binders in fibre composites and polymer materials based on renewable resources. Wacker Polymers has production sites in Germany, China, South Korea and the USA, as well as a global sales network and technical centers in all major regions. In 2009, the division accounted for some 20 percent of Group sales.

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