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Wacker Presents Novel VAE Copolymer Dispersion for Environmentally Friendly Cost Effective Packaging Adhesives

Published on 2010-10-04. Author : SpecialChem

Munich/Allentown -- At the Adhesives and Sealants Council (ASC) Fall Convention & Expo 2010, Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, presents a novel vinyl acetate/ethylene-based (VAE) copolymer dispersion for adhesives specifically developed for the requirements of the paper and packaging industry in the NAFTA region. The new product - VINNAPAS® EP 1400 - is a cost-effective, high performance base polymer characterized by high setting speed and good machine properties. The VAE technology further makes is possible to simplify adhesive formulations using fewer additives. This makes VINNAPAS® EP 1400 ideal for formulating cost-competitive adhesives for a variety of end-use applications including paper packaging, laminating, and product assembly.

During the technical session on environmentally friendly adhesives at ASC Fall Convention, Wacker is also presenting a technical paper on the innovative VINNAPAS® polymer binder EP 1400 for long lasting adhesive solutions.

The new VINNAPAS® EP 1400 is an aqueous copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. Due to the comparatively high costs, the packaging industry used to apply polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) homopolymers as binders rather than VAE products. VAE-based copolymer dispersions, however, are able to fulfill higher application and performance demands and reduce the amount of additives needed in a formulation. Specifically designed for the requirements of adhesives formulators in the NAFTA region, Wacker has now developed a cost-competitive VAE copolymer binder acting as an alternative to existing packaging adhesives based on PVAc.

VINNAPAS® EP 1400 demonstrates good adhesion and cohesion, a good wet tack and improved water resistance. With a glass transition temperature (Tg) of 0°C, it also shows fast film formation, high setting speed, good machine processability and excellent mechanical properties. Using the VAE technology further allows for a higher manufacturing productivity, as fewer additives are necessary and formulations thus can be simplified.

Furthermore, VINNAPAS® EP 1400 is produced without using alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO), has a low formaldehyde content (<10 ppm) and makes it possible to formulate adhesives with a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Besides, less additional additives such as plasticizers are needed to formulate adhesives, minimizing the complexity of the formulating process as well as the migration potential into the end product. The new dispersion thus meets the latest environmental and safety standards according to Wacker's commitment to the Responsible Care® initiative.

The dispersion allows manufacturers of adhesives to lower their final solids without compromising performance properties. This makes VINNAPAS® EP 1400 ideally suited for applications in the paper and packaging segment such as food packaging, cartons and boxes, corrugated paper, envelopes, paper bags and sacks.

About Wacker

As one of the founders of VAE technology, Wacker Polymers has over 70 years of experience in this field, and is today a global market and technology leader in the area of VAE copolymer dispersions for adhesives.

Wacker Polymers is a leading producer of state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, polyvinyl acetates, surface coating resins and polyvinyl alcohol solutions. These products are used by companies in the construction, automotive, paper and adhesives sectors, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and surface coatings. Wacker Polymers has production sites in Germany, China, South Korea and the USA, as well as a global sales network and technical centers in all major regions.

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