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WACKER SILICONES Announces Price Adjustment for Sealants

Published on 2005-10-17. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH -- Effective January 1, 2006, WACKER SILICONES will increase sealant product prices worldwide by an average of 8 percent. WACKER SILICONES has already commenced negotiations with customers to this effect. The measure enables further worldwide expansion of production capacity and supports WACKER SILICONES' extensive service portfolio and new product developments in the Residential Sealants segment. Productivity boosts and comprehensive cost-saving measures will be introduced to provide a long-term cushion against ever-rising energy and raw materials prices. WACKER SILICONES will continue to raise its sealants capacity worldwide.

WACKER SILICONES is a leading supplier of silicone-based solutions that combine products, services and conceptual approaches. WACKER SILICONES is one of the world's leading silicone producers with a portfolio of over 3,000 products. With extensive facilities and expertise as a solutions provider, WACKER SILICONES actively assists their customers' efforts to maximize innovation, fully exploit global markets, boost productivity, and optimize business processes to reduce overall costs. Collaboration involves all customer business processes, including

  • professional innovation management,
  • joint development of new products and innovative production methods,
  • lab support during the formulation and approval stages that customer products undergo, and during production scale-up, and
  • unique supply chain and packaging solutions that simultaneously lower manufacturing costs and accelerate production processes.

Silicones are the basis of materials with highly versatile product properties and almost unlimited uses. Applications include the automotive, construction, chemical, electrical and electronics industries, cosmetics and consumer care, metal processing and mechanical engineering, paper, textiles and pulp.

Source: WACKER

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