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Zeon Expands its HNBR Product Range by Adding Zetpol EP

Published on 2011-10-12. Author : SpecialChem

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA -- High demand for Zetpol HNBR elastomers continues to drive expansion at Zeon Chemicals, with new product introductions and increased manufacturing capacity.

Zetpol EP has been added to the company's HNBR product line. Featuring low viscosity and excellent process safety, these new elastomers are designed to dramatically improve and simplify processing in injection molding applications, reducing operating costs without compromising the performance of the finished parts.

Created specifically to aid in the injection molding of complex parts, the new Zetpol EP HNBR family provides a substantial improvement in mold flow and a superior safety margin against scorch to help eliminate knit lines and part delamination. Like standard Zetpol grades, Zetpol EP elastomers are proven to achieve an excellent balance of heat and environmental resistance as well as outstanding dynamic properties.

To keep up with growing demand for Zetpol® HNBR, Zeon Chemicals recently announced a further expansion of the Houston, Texas manufacturing facility that produces the high performance elastomer. The expansion, scheduled to be operational in the first quarter of 2012, will increase the plant's Zetpol production by 25 percent.

"Ongoing product innovation with emerging grades of Zetpol, along with increasing demand for our HNBR products, continues to drive our growth and expansion," said TomGettelfinger, President and CEO of Zeon Chemicals.

About Zeon Chemicals L.P.

Zeon Chemicals L.P. (Zeon Chemicals) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeon Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers and specialty chemicals. Zeon Corporation is one of the top producers of polymers in the world with plants in Asia, North America and Europe, and Research and Development laboratories in Kawasaki (Japan), Louisville (KY, USA) and Barry (UK).

Zeon Chemicals, headquartered in Louisville, is the leading producer of specialty elastomers in the USA. It produces Nipol® NBR, HyTemp® and Nipol® ACM, Hydrin® ECO, Zetpol® HNBR, Chemisat® Latex and, which are used in the manufacture of hoses, seals, gaskets, belts and other parts for automotive, industrial, oil field and printing markets. Customers are served from plants in Louisville, (KY, USA) Hattiesburg (MS, USA) and Bayport (TX, USA).

ZEON CORPORATION, with combined sales of over US $3.3 billion, utilizes its expertise and basic position in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products. The company employs over 2,800 people worldwide.

Source: Zeon Chemicals

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