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Ascend Adds New Grades to its Specialty Amines Portfolio

Published on 2017-09-05. Author : SpecialChem

Ascend Performance Materials has announced the addition of several new grades to its specialty amines portfolio. The new grades offer enhanced performance in a number of adhesive, oil and gas, coatings and asphalt applications.

Hexatran - Multifunctional Amine
Maria Field, Ascend’s product manager for amines, said:

“These new grades show our commitment to produce high-quality products to meet customer need. We are focused on providing the right solutions to our customers and filling critical needs in the market.”

  • Hexatran™-300, a multifunctional product based on triaminononane, provides a cost-effective solution for use in adhesives, coatings, oil and gas, and asphalt applications
  • FlexaTram™-DAM-200, a 1,2 -diaminocyclohexane (DCH) product, features improved chemical and mechanical resistance when used in epoxy coatings and composites applications
  • FlexaTram™-BHM-170, a product based on (bis)hexamethylenetriamine (BHMT), features ultra-low metal content and an improved color profile for enhanced performance in several oil and gas chemistries, including use in scale inhibition, corrosion inhibition and water clarifying
  • FlexaTram™-BHM-220, a formulated liquid BHMT product with improved handling, odor, health and safety profiles, is designed for use in asphalt anti-strip applications

Hexatran is a unique trifunctional primary amine molecule and is available in a wide range of grades.

Applications of Hexatran

  • Adhesives
  • Coatings 
  • Asphalt additives 
  • Oil and gas drilling 
  • Corrosion protection 
  • Plastic additives 
  • Other applications

Other products under development include high-purity BHMT material for multiple end-use applications and high-purity DCH material as an epoxy curing agent.
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Source: Ascend Performance Materials
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