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ATC Scott Bader to Exhibit Crestabond® MMA Adhesives and more at IBEX 2013

Published on 2013-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

Following the acquisition of ATC Formulated Polymers Inc. back in February, the newly formed ATC Scott Bader Company is exhibiting at the 2013 International Boat Builders Exhibition & Conference (IBEX).

This year, the IBEX show runs from 17-19 September at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, USA. ATC Scott Bader will also be giving a workshop presentation and participating in a technical seminar on the first day of the show; Mark Cooper, Head of R&D is giving a first presentation at 11.00am in a workshop titled 'Achieving Best-In-Class Surface Finishing During Infusion Processing', and is then presenting again as one of three expert speakers in a technical seminar running from 3.30-5.00pm on the topic of 'Bonding to Infused Laminates'.

At the ATC Scott Bader booth (# 1428), an extensive range of proven technology, marine approved specialty resins, displacement molding compounds, barriercoats, bonding pastes and structural adhesives will be promoted. The ranges of high performance products offered have been developed by ATC and Scott Bader to help boatbuilders design and cost effectively manufacture lighter, stronger and better looking composite vessels for the most demanding offshore conditions. Of particular interest to IBEX visitors will be the following specialty products:

Crestabond® MMA adhesives

This year there will be a special focus on the Crestabond range of 10:1 and 1:1 ratio primer-less methacrylate structural adhesives, suitable for rapidly bonding a wide variety of composites, metals and plastics commonly used in industrial applications. They require minimal surface preparation, have excellent fatigue and impact resistance, and can be applied using manual or pneumatic guns with automated dispensing machines.

Crestapol® high performance acrylic resin

The complete range of Crestapol urethane acrylate based acrylic resins will also be a special feature at IBEX 2013. According to ATC Scott Bader, Crestapol acrylic resins offer a real alternative to phenolics and epoxies for applications requiring exceptional fire, smoke and toxicity retardant (FST) properties. Crestapol grades offered can be glass or carbon fiber reinforced and heavily ATH filled to provide a combination of superior mechanical strength and toughness with outstanding FST and high temperature performance.

POLY-BOND® and Crystic® Crestomer structural adhesives Established marine approved gap filling structural adhesives for fiberglass will also be featured. These include the polyester-based POLY-BOND B39 for bonding polyester and vinyl ester parts, and Crystic Crestomer 1152PA, which is urethane acrylate based; both products have been used extensively for many years by FRP boatbuilders for deck to hull, bulkhead and stringer bonding, applied manually or using bulk dispensing equipment. The Crestomer range, which has Lloyds Acceptance, DNV and RINA approvals, is also used for bonding marine ply, aluminum and stainless steel parts to fiberglass. Crestomer is available in pails and drums or in a range of ready to use Crestomer Advantage 380ml co-axial cartridges.

Crystic® BP 621 CC Series High Performance Bonding Pastes

The Crystic BP 621 CC series of pre-accelerated bonding pastes have been developed for FRP applications when higher performance than a standard polyester bonding paste is required for gap filling and bonding without the need for mechanical fixings, but where a high performance structural adhesive, such as Crestomer, Poly-Bond or Crestabond, is simply over specified. Scott Bader's unique hybrid urethane acrylate/ isophthalic polyester chemistry has been used to develop this Crystic BP 621 CC series, offering a proven alternative to vinyl ester bonding pastes. They are non-sagging, low shrink filled compounds, specifically designed for GRP part assembly and laminate bonding applications such as: cored panels, internal frames, ribs and sections of fiberglass components. The series includes 621CC 30, 45, 65 and white 20, offering a range of pot life from 16 - 38 mins (at 2% catalyst at 25 0C / 77 0F ambient), DNV approvals and a built in color change mechanism.

POLY-BOND® Displacement molding compounds

For manufacturing fiber reinforced or sandwich construction parts using a closed mold compression-type processes, POLY-BOND B55 and B55LV (low viscosity version) displacement molding compounds (DMC) are offered. Poly-Bond B55 is a white, low-density polyester based DMC, designed to fill the space within fiber reinforcement layers and cores.

Poly-Fair® Tooling Compounds

Two Poly-Fair® modified polyester tooling compounds are being promoted at IBEX; an extrudable and sprayable version. Poly-Fair T28 is the extrudable tooling compound, designed for milling of small and large plugs or direct limited production molds using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) multiple axis machines. Poly-Fair T27 is the sprayable version, which is also fully CNC machinable. It is designed for milling patterns and large plugs (30-75 ft, 10-25 m) or direct limited production molds. It can be sprayed with several passes up to a thickness of approx. 1" (25mm). Both Poly-Fair grades offer the benefits of low shrink, high toughness and dust free cutting to produce a highly accurate profile of the finished part.

Crystic Crestacoat 5000PA, A barrier coat is used to improve the surface appearance of high quality gelcoated parts where print-through of fiberglass (orange peel) is a real aesthetics problem; this is more common with a dark gelcoat and complex vacuum infused parts. A 1mm-thick layer of Crystic Crestacoat 5000PA barrier coat, either spray or brush applied, directly behind a gelcoat can, in most cases, almost totally eliminates fiber print through. Crystic Crestacoat 5000PA is based on innovative urethane acrylate technology, unique to Scott Bader.

According to ATC Scott Bader, both Crestomer 1152PA structural adhesive and the Crystic BP 621 CC series of high performance bonding pastes will also be manufactured in North America later this year.

Both technical and commercial representatives will be on the ATC Scott Bader stand throughout IBEX 2013 to discuss any projects and answer questions.

About ATC Scott Bader

Scott Bader acquired ATC Formulated Polymers Inc. of Burlington,Ontario, on 4 February 2013, together making Scott Bader and ATC a global leader in the structural adhesives and bonding pastes business, offering a full range of technologies and the manufacturing capabilities to meet the needs of composites customers.

ATC has established brands and a strong reputation for manufacturing a wide range of bonding, tooling, fairing, compression moulding and other polyester and vinyl ester based pastes, supplied largely into theNorth Americacomposites industry, including the marine sector. As a result of the acquisition, Scott Bader products based on their urethane acrylate Crestomer and MMA adhesives technologies will be increasingly manufactured in the ATC Scott Bader production plant inCanadato supply the needs of North American customers.

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today it is a €225 million global chemical company, employing over 600 people worldwide. It is a common trusteeship company, having no external shareholders, with a strong commitment to supporting its customers, workforce and the environment.

Scott Bader's headquarters is based in the UK where it has purpose-built, state-of-the-art technical facilities that provide R & D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. It has manufacturing facilities in Europe, The Middle East, South Africa, Canada and India.

Source: Scott Bader

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