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Beardow Adams Offers Range of HM and WB Adhesives for Labeling Applications

Published on 2018-11-28. Author : SpecialChem

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Beardow Adams showcased its range of products at the world's most important capital goods exhibition for the beverage industry called Brau Beviale, from the 13th to the 15th of November 2018.

Innovative Range of Labeling Adhesives

Beardow Adams' range of adhesive for label applications
provides several options for beverage industry

They promoted both the SignaColl water based labeling range as well as the BAM Futura, Pressen, BAM Hot Melt labeling range.

BAMFutura Range of Hot-melt Adhesives

Beardow Adams’ ground-breaking BAMFutura range of hot melt adhesives has established a new benchmark for performance in applications such as:
  • Packaging
  • Labeling 
  • Woodworking 
  • Bookbinding Industry 

BAMFutura adhesives do not char in the hot melt tank, are clean running and can be used across a wide range of production speeds. They also offer exceptional thermal stability. During seven day 160°C trials, viscosity changed by less than 1%. This unique characteristic eliminates the nozzle blockages associated with less advanced adhesives that can continually disrupt on-site production.

Pressen™ Hot-melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

The Pressen™ hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA's) are specially formulated to deliver exceptional performance on self-adhesive labels. As a result, they can be relied upon to securely bond paper, metal foil, plastic film, fabric and non-woven labels to glass,
paper, board, metallic and ceramic surfaces. This means that they can be relied on to achieve the necessary balance of shear, peel and tack required for each application.

SignaColl Water Based Labeling Range

Beardow Adams’ water-based adhesives cover a broad range of bottle labeling applications. The Signacoll® adhesives set the standard for beverage labeling and are manufactured exclusively in the state-of-the-art plant in Frankfurt, Germany.

The labeling adhesives are for the applications such as glass, plastic, metal, cardboard, bottling, pasteurization, and they are universally usable on all commercial labeling machines.

The team offered information on labeling adhesives as well as any other questions costumers had at their booth.

Source: Beardow Adams
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