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Beardow Adams Launches Hot-melt Adhesive for Mattresses

Published on 2018-07-18. Author : SpecialChem

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Beardow Adams has developed Prodas range of adhesives, (Prodas being short for product assembly) an adhesive called Prodas 2278. It has been designed to meet the exacting needs of the mattress and furniture assembly market.

Hot Melt Adhesives for Mattresses

Prodas Beardow adams HMA
Beardow Adams has developed Prodas range of HMA adhesives
for Mattresses

Hot melt adhesives enable manufacturers to improve product quality and aesthetic appearance by providing assured adhesion without nails, screws and other fixings that can be unsightly and costly to assembly.

Their Prodas™ range of adhesives is used to bond foam, acoustic composites, trim, headliner components and other sub assembly products. Being non-toxic, hot melt adhesives are also replacing solvent based adhesives in the manufacturing of mattresses, seating and furniture and are being increasingly used to form gaskets in-situ to deliver significant time and cost savings.

Prodas 2278

With the capability to permanently bond differing foams and fabrics together, has allowed producers to capitalize on this products performance in their own operations. Prodas 2278 has a workable open time and high initial grab that allows it to be applied either manually or used in automated process – thus making it highly versatile in a variety of applications.

“Prodas 2278 has greatly increased the reach and possibilities of our Prodas brand and has allowed users to improve their manufacturing efficiencies, with fewer adhesive failures and a product that can bond broader range of materials”

Source: Beardow Adams
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