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Cardolite Epoxy Curing Agents Unique Benefits for Construction and Grout Adhesives

Published on 2016-07-22. Author : SpecialChem

Cardolite Corporation has published starting point formulations for solvent-free and water-based grouts and construction adhesives that address a broad range of performance requirements. These formulations utilize Cardolite’s phenalkamine and phenalkamide chemistries to achieve desirable viscosities, working time, strength development and final mechanical properties. Adhesive manufacturers can choose from medium to very high performance and from standard to very fast reactivity formulations depending on the target properties and cost of their projects.

NX-8101 is a waterborne phenalkamine completely free of co-solvents and well suited for water-based epoxy grouts and tile adhesives. This curing agent provides epoxy formulations with fast Shore D development, good compression strength, and long working time.

In the case of solvent-free industrial grouts and adhesives, a variety of epoxy curing agents are available, each with their own unique benefits. NX-5608 is a solvent-free phenalkamine that is specially designed for very fast strength development adhesives with good labeling and high mechanical properties and glass transition temperatures. NX-2003D is a cost effective, solvent-free phenalkamine for standard performance grouts with balanced properties. GX-3090 is a solvent-free phenalkamide with very low viscosity that delivers longer working time and very high compression strength (>120 MPa depending on fillers used).

To learn more about the performance of Cardolite’s epoxy curing agents in water-based and solvent-free construction adhesives and grouts, please download this presentation. Starting point formulations are included as references, but Cardolite’s curing agents can be used with other epoxy resins, diluents, additives and aggregates as needed.

About Cardolite

Cardolite Corporation is a privately held manufacturer of the world’s largest variety of products derived from CNSL. The unique properties of CNSL are used to develop and produce a wide range of products to service the coating, friction material, adhesive, and composite markets. With over 30 years of experience, Cardolite is the leader in the specialized production of quality CNSL based materials. The company’s customer base includes all types of companies ranging from large Fortune 500 corporations to small specialty manufacturers. With sales offices, representatives, and distribution facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Cardolite prides itself on delivering high quality products and services across the globe. Cardolite manufactures all products at production plants in Newark, New Jersey (USA), Mangalore, Karnataka (India) and Zhuhai, Guangdong (China).

Source: Cardolite

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