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Covestro Presented Polyurethane Dispersion Adhesives at MD&M 2018

Published on 2018-06-29. Author : SpecialChem

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As the healthcare industry advances, the materials used by OEMs need to keep up the pace. Covestro LLC can help meet this demand with its wide range of thermoplastic polyurethane films and polyurethane-based adhesives and foams designed to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s medical device and healthcare manufacturers.

Baymedix® FD103 for Advanced Wound Care

Covestro Baymedix film adhesives
Covestro's Baymedix material for adhesives

Covestro featured Baymedix® materials for adhesives, absorbent foams and waterborne coatings; and Dureflex® and Platilon® breathable films.

Their key application features include:

  • Low trauma (adhesives) 
  • Breathability
  • Non-allergenic 
  • Adjustable Adhesive strength 
  • High absorption (foam) 
  • Excellent retention (foam)
  • Smooth and soft touch (films) 
  • Latex-free (seamless films)

Of particular interest is the North American debut of Baymedix® FD103 aqueous polyurethane dispersion. It allows for rapid fluid transport without swelling, making it ideal for wound care. Its thermoformability (via heat and pressure) allows design flexibility for wearables and dressings. Electronic circuits can be embedded into the material, streamlining manufacturing.

By utilizing Baymedix® FD103 dispersion along with its low-trauma polyurethane adhesives and breathable films, Covestro is able to offer a complete solution for wound care and healthcare wearables.

Covestro’s Healthcare Portfolio

In addition to Baymedix® FD103 dispersion, Covestro highlighted a number of other polyurethane materials in its healthcare portfolio. These include:

  • Baymedix® textile coatings – These waterborne textile coatings are water proof and offer excellent mechanical properties, good haptics and enhanced stability toward disinfectants. They can be used in surgical wear, hospital bed linens, medical furniture and other medial textile coating applications, as well as for non-latex cohesive compression therapy and secondary fixation bandages. 
  • Dureflex® and Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) ¬films – These versatile materials are used in medical wearables, such as patches to house diagnostic-related devices and wound dressings. They are durable, flexible and abrasion resistant. OEMs can work with Covestro to customize the materials’ properties. 
  • Special Dureflex® and Platilon® TPU films – Designed for high value, functional wound dressings, these materials offer a number of advantages including watertight, water vapor permeable properties and a dirt and microbe barrier. Also, these films do not irritate skin and contain no softeners or solvents. These unique characteristics enable the design of new tailor-made wound dressings that support wound healing.

Source: Covestro
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