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Dow’s New Solvent-borne Laminating Adhesive Provides Food Safety & Sustainability

Published on 2018-02-08. Author : SpecialChem

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Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics has introduced ADCOTE™ HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives, the latest addition to Dow's existing line of ADCOTE™ Adhesives. ADCOTE™ HP utilizes Dow's adhesive experience to meet growing industry demand for enhanced sustainability, health and food safety, durability and flexible performance.

ADCOTE™ HP is the most advanced and flexible high-performance solvent-borne adhesive available, offering enhanced production efficiency and regulatory compliance. The laminating adhesive also improves cost-in-use and performance for various applications such as snack and ready-meals packaging, juice stand-up pouches, personal care packaging, sailcloth and photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

ADCOTE™ HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives
Dow's ADCOTE™ HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives

Food Safety and Sustainability

The latest ADCOTE™ grade is the most recent innovation in solvent-borne adhesives to be introduced, reaffirming Dow's commitment to its solvent-based adhesives portfolio and addressing customer demand for adhesives that would help to eliminate materials of concern from their packaging.

Kay Boakye-Yiadom, Market Manager for Laminating Adhesives, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics:

"Historically, converters have had to accept some tradeoffs when using solvent-borne adhesives, i.e. lower green bond, lower bond strength, lower temperature and product resistance. Now they can have it all. ADCOTE™ HP is a solvent-borne adhesive that provides health, food safety and sustainability benefits without sacrificing performance."

Breakthrough Innovation

  • ADCOTE™ HP was named a finalist for R&D Magazine's R&D 100 Awards1 , providing industry verification of the technology's advancements for solvent-borne adhesives.
  • It is the first breakthrough innovation in solvent base in over a decade.
  • The technology offers sustainability benefits, including a long pot life and enabling customers to run solvent-borne adhesives at 50 percent or more solids. They also achieve excellent green bond for foil and high slip films without decreasing bond performance over time.
  • Additionally, ADCOTE™ HP enhances temperature resistance, and passed both boil-in-bag and heat aging tests with no observed defects while maintaining bond performance following the tests.

Dow continues to invest and drive innovation in both solvent-borne and solventless adhesives for the packaging, textiles and hygiene markets. In September, the company announced the commercialization of PacAcel™ Solventless Adhesives as well as SYMBIEX™ Solventless Adhesives, developed for use in combination with Nordmeccanica's Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line.

1 Source: R&D 100 Conference: Award Winners & Finalists

Source: Dow
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