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Innovia Films Launches NatureFlex™ 55HK1, a Hermetic Sealing Film for Lidding Applications

Published on 2014-05-29. Author : SpecialChem

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN -- Innovia Films has launched the first home compostable film designed for lidding applications, NatureFlex™ 55HK1. The new hermetic sealing film has been adopted in Italy for lidding on compostable food service trays used by schools in the Naples municipality.

Mr Giovanni Sannino, CEO, at the Italian firm using NatureFlex™ 55HK1, SAGIFI S.p.A, commented, "We believe in delivering excellence to the customer. These new home compostable films for lidding applications from Innovia Films, allow us to meet our environmental obligations while offering excellent functionality to our customers."

The new film, NatureFlex™ 55HK1, comprises NatureFlex™ together with a proprietary sealant layer, which further increases the technical capabilities of the cellulose-based packaging film. The advantages of NatureFlex™ 55HK1 include an excellent barrier to moisture and a good aroma barrier. This is in addition to enhanced sealability and seal integrity, to a wide range of bio trays. Derived from renewable resources, NatureFlex™ 55HK1 is certified to OK Compost’s Home Composting standards and to EN13432 by Vinçotte for Industrial Composting.

Neil Banerjee, Market Developer, Innovia Films stated "NatureFlex™ 55HK1 film is ideal for a vast array of products that require exceptional pack performance in both ‘moist’ and ‘dry’ areas including meat, cheese, cereals, fresh produce, rice & pulses, biscuits, confectionery, dried snacks, and for lidding applications. We are seeing good uptake of this film by customers using it to pack their organic ranges."

About Innovia Films

Innovia Films is a leading global manufacturer of two ‘families’ of speciality products supplied into the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets - Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose based films. The company's films are sold to converters, brand-owners and end-users across the globe. They become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solution for some of the world’s best known brands across a wide variety of everyday consumer goods. These include chocolates, perfume, cheese, teabags, shampoo, cigarettes, beer and biscuits.

Source: Innovia Films

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