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Jowat Introduces Jowacoll® 107.20, 1C D4 Dispersion Adhesive for Wood Bonding

Published on 2016-02-01. Author : SpecialChem

Detmold -- Jowat introduces the new dispersion adhesive Jowacoll® 107.20. This powerful 1-component D4 dispersion is based on extensive experience with innovative raw materials used in the composition of the successful 2-component adhesives for window scantlings from the Jowacoll® product group. The Development and Product Management departments of Jowat created a ground-breaking adhesive for highly efficient processes in window and door manufacturing.

Fig. 1: Jowat

Based on innovative raw materials, a new formulation, a new manufacturing method and a lot of experience, the new Jowacoll® 107.20 achieved excellent results not only during DIN EN 204 certification. This adhesive has been classified in the highest durability group D4 in regard to water resistance and also demonstrated an exceptional degree of wood failure in numerous quality tests at our customers. In addition, a high heat resistance according to EN 14257 (previously WATT91) has also been verified.

The new 1-component D4 dispersion for solid wood bonding benefited from the developmental experience with the 2-component Jowacoll® dispersion for the production of laminated window scantlings and head casings of doors. What makes this product different from others is the completely new manufacturing methodology of the raw materials. The new adhesive combines the advantages of efficient processing known from 1 component products with the high strength previously achieved only with 2 component products, partially due to the high depth of penetration. The wide range of adhesion to numerous wood species and an excellent shelf life of the product are further benefits for processors.

In addition to the excellent results in laboratory and certification tests, Jowacoll® 107.20 also provides great efficiency gains for the customer. Manufacturing processes become more reliable and flexible. An adhesive development with huge potential.

Processors can rely on the extensive industrial experience of the Jowat Product Managers and Application Consultants and obtain the latest information.

About Jowat

Bonding is the most efficient assembly method and therefore a global growth market. The Jowat Group as medium-sized, family-owned enterprise is one of the top adhesive manufacturers around the world. Tradition and experience from almost 100 years of corporate development allow the company to act as leading company in technologies and innovations, in numerous markets and application areas. This ranking as innovative leader is made possible by the commitment and competence of its employees, the adhesive experts who always find the perfect solution for Jowat’s customers.

Source: Jowat

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