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Kraton Launches Bio-based Hydrocarbon Oils for Adhesives

Published on 2024-02-23. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Kraton New Line of Biobased Hydrocarbon Oils Kraton Corporation announces the launch of SYLVASOLV™. It is a new line of bio-based hydrocarbon oils. It is designed to deliver superior performance and environmental advantages across many industries. It includes agrochemicals, adhesives and lubricants. Kraton is a sustainable producer of specialty polymers and high-value bio-based products derived from pine wood pulping co-products.

Derived from Crude Tall Oil

The SYLVASOLV™ product line is derived from Crude Tall Oil (CTO). CTO is a by-product of the Kraft pulp industry. It is sourced from responsibly managed forests and non-genetically modified trees that do not compete with food crops or require land use change.

In addition to its sustainability attributes, SYLVASOLV™ oils have excellent solvency power. It can enhance formulation optionality. This enables lower viscosity and safer handling due to their low-temperature properties.

The first product in the line, SYLVASOLV™ 1000, has been specifically developed to meet the unique functional needs of the agriculture industry. It can be used in fertilizer coatings and crop protection.

We are excited to introduce SYLVASOLV™ bio-based oils to the market,” said Lana Culbert, senior director of Global Marketing, Kraton. “The launch of SYLVASOLV™ 1000 further demonstrates Kraton’s commitment to providing sustainable, high-performance alternatives to petroleum-based products. This 100% bio-based oil can improve fertilizer coating formulations and enable a reduced carbon footprint.

SYLVASOLV™ 1000 can be used in various fertilizer coating applications to effectively control dust. It can also provide anti-caking properties during handling, transportation, storage and use. SYLVASOLV™ 1000 is suitable for oil-based adjuvants in various pesticide formulations. It provides good wetting and penetration properties to enhance pesticide efficacy.

Source: Kraton Corporation

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