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Henkel’s New Cyanoacrylate/Epoxy Hybrid Adhesive for Structural Bonding

Published on 2018-01-24. Author : SpecialChem

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New to Henkel’s LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonding range is LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY, a five-minute-curing, general-purpose repair adhesive for a wide variety of metals, plastics, wood and rubber materials.

Henkel's New Hybrid, Emergency Repair Adhesive
Henkel's New Hybrid, Emergency Repair Adhesive

Patented Hybrid Technology

What makes this product so special is Henkel’s patented hybrid technology that, as well as providing universal adhesion, achieves a fast cure through a large gap, excellent structural and environmental durability. It also has enhanced safety credentials.

Benefits Offered

  • General purpose 
  • Cyanoacrylate/epoxy hybrid 
  • Very fast fixture at room temperature 
  • Bonds a variety of substrates including metals, most plastics and rubbers 
  • Good temperature and moisture resistance 
  • Ready-to-use and can be dispensed directly from the pack for manual mixing 
  • Two colored components allow the indication of proper mixing

Clearly faster fixturing means greater productivity, an important benefit to maintenance engineers seeking efficiency gains from the products and systems they use. As LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY cures so quickly, in a wide range of operating conditions and even at low temperatures, it is the ideal choice for fast and effective repair. It also has good gap-filling ability – up to 5mm - and provides excellent resistance to moisture, temperature extremes and chemicals.

LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY is a true universal structural bonding adhesive, a single product suitable for multiple applications that eliminates the need for a choice of products to meet all maintenance bonding needs. And by comparison with its nearest competitor LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY offers significant advantages for multi-substrate bonding and far greater durability at elevated temperatures.

This is an excellent general maintenance product that is particularly effective where a fast fixture is required on structures with variable gaps and mixed substrates. Typical applications range from bracket bonding and cable tie installation to the repair of plastic clips and lugs and the surface rebuilding of plastic and metal parts. LOCTITE® HY 4060 GY is supplied in a 25ml, ready-to-use pack.

Source: Henkel
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