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Panacol Develops Fast Curing Epoxy Adhesive for Screen Printing

Published on 2017-08-24. Author : SpecialChem

Specially designed for attaching SMDs on circuit boards, Panacol has developed new fast curing epoxy adhesive Structalit® 5610. Due to its high viscosity the adhesive is well-suited for screen printing. The new adhesive will be first shown at this year’s Productronica in Munich.

super-fast curing SMD adhesive
New Super-fast Curing SMD Adhesive
Dots of Structalit® 5610 Applied via Screen Printing

Red-colored Epoxy Adhesive

Structalit® 5610 is a red-colored epoxy adhesive which makes a perfect contrast to green circuit boards. The one-component adhesive is easily applied via dispenser, screen printing or needle transfer.

The SMD adhesive cures thermally within minutes, even at low temperatures. At the same time it is highly temperature-resistant: Temporarily it can be exposed to temperatures up to 280° C, making it the perfect adhesive for reflow soldering.

Once cured, Structalit® 5610 is extremely shock-resistant and features very high adhesion to FR4 circuit boards, to metals and to epoxy-based mold materials.

Product Details

  • Panacol Structalit® adhesives are solvent free single or two-component adhesives. They are mostly based on epoxy resin and can be cured at room temperature or by exposure of heat. 
  • Structalit® products are designed for bonding, casting and protecting components in electronic and automotive industry. 
  • Structalit® 5610 is a thermal curable one-component SMD adhesive with extremely fast curing at low temperatures. 
  • Structalit® 5610 adhesive is characterized by good shock resistance. The application is easily possible with dispenser, screen printing or via needle transfer. 
  • Structalit® 5610 can be used as a SMD adhesive for soldering temperatures (max. 5 min.) up to 270 ° C. No more than 2 g of adhesive may be cured at a time.

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Source: Panacol
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