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New Polyolefin Sealant Film Technology by Jindal Films

Published on 2016-12-19. Author : SpecialChem

Luxembourg -- Jindal Films Europe has announced the latest development in polyolefin sealant technology. SealTOUGH™ is a unique coextruded packaging film, targeted to replace sealant layers in a lamination or single layers in mono-web applications.

Sealant Technology
Polyolefin Sealant Film Technology
SealTOUGH™ provides unmatched puncture resistance, enhanced clarity, improved modulus and seal strength that can exceed 5,000g/2.54cm. The latest breakthrough technology from Jindal Films gives the down gauge potential of 30%, 40%, or more compared to traditional sealant films.

Solutions to Support Packaging Industry

Jindal Films continues to set new standards for performance and sustainable solutions to support the flexible packaging industry. SealTOUGH™ bridges the attributes of BOPP and blown PE film to achieve enhanced performance benchmarks for clarity and strength. Packaging designs utilizing SealTOUGH™ contribute to the environmental objectives for source reduction and recycling.

SealTOUGH Consistently Outperforms

Compared to blown PE, SealTOUGH™ consistently outperforms. With a three-fold improvement in tensile strength, two-fold improvement in modulus, puncture resistance, and impact resistance, SealTOUGH™ surpasses the current applications of blown PE including confectionary, snacks, dry fruit and nuts, pasta, rice, bakery items, produce, and dry products. Utilizing SealTOUGH™ as FFS bags, freezer bags, lamination and hygienic bags makes use of property enhancements that allow for the use of thinner film, weight reduction and cost savings.

“This product offers superior performance in critical properties. SealTOUGH™ achieves the clarity of BOPP with the high seal strength of blown PE. The film’s superior puncture resistance and strength enables significant down gauging opportunities to provide both a performance advantage and cost savings,” said Laurent Chantraine, Market Development Manager at Jindal Films.

When replacing a 30µm blown PE film with SealTOUGH™ 18µm transparent film, you get more with less:
  • 41% down gauging
  • 2-fold improvement in clarity
  • Equivalent ultimate seal strength
  • 2-fold improvement in puncture resistance
  • 2-fold improvement in impact resistance
  • 3-fold improvement in tensile strength
  • 2-fold improvement in modulus
  • 50% reduction in elongation

With packaging performance, protection and promotion in mind, Jindal Films offers confidence engineered solutions for the flexible packaging industry.

About Jindal Films

Jindal Films is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of specialty packaging and labeling film solutions, including multilayer white opaque films, metalized films and coated films, for flexible packaging and labeling applications.

Jindal Films has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Kerkrade, The Netherlands; and Brindisi, Italy), and in the United States (LaGrange, Georgia; and Shawnee, Oklahoma).

The company and its affiliates have sales offices to support customer needs in countries around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia.

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Source: Jindal Films
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