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Ultra-thin, Bio-based Sealant Web for Flexible Packaging by PSI

Published on 2017-05-02. Author : SpecialChem

PSI Unveils Ultra-thin, Bio-based Sealant Web
PSI Unveils Ultra-thin, Bio-based Sealant Web

Columbus, OH -- Plastic Suppliers, Inc. (PSI) has announced the introduction of EarthFirst® UL, an ultra-thin, bio-based sealant web used for flexible packaging applications. This game-changing material lowers the cost of sealant films used in flexible packaging, while offering all the environmental advantages of PSI’s EarthFirstfamily of bio-based plastics. EarthFirst UL is made from lactic acid found in several renewable organic feedstocks like tapioca roots, sugar beets, sugar cane, and corn.

Improved Efficiencies

Both brand owners and flexible packaging converters will benefit from improved efficiencies, lower energy usage, reductions in product-to-package ratios and lower cost per MSI versus traditional LDPE sealant films. Through commercial testing and trials, the company has been able to quantify significant improvements to the overall supply chain efficiency with EarthFirst UL in lower freight costs, reducing costly roll change-overs, requiring less storage and reducing the material volume entering the solid waste stream. At the same time, this can be accomplished with a more environmentally-friendly film.

Win-win for Flexible Packaging Converters

President/CEO, George Thomas, says:

“Our customers have been demanding innovation in packaging that does more with less&rdquo. Our ability to provide an ultra-thin gauge, high-performance sealant film meets that need. The whole supply chain is more efficient, more cost-effective, and with a product that is sustainable and compostable. It is a win-win for the brand owners and flexible packaging converters. EarthFirst ULreally is a game-changer.”

EarthFirst UL is ideal for food packaging applications using single-serve pillow pouches, coffee frac-packs, gusseted stand-up pouches, frozen foods and multi-wall bags. When compared to LLDPE, EarthFirst UL forms superior seals at lower seal initiation temperatures. It’s naturally high dyne levels make it ideal as a laminate to PET, metPET, PP, Nylon and paper substrates. UL has a great aroma barrier, grease-resistant attributes and is available in 9, 12, and 15 micron gauges (.36mil, .48mil, and .6mil).

About PSI

Founded in 1949, PSI produces PLA-based packaging films with manufacturing in Columbus, Ohio and converting and distribution sites in Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, and in Ghent Belgium through its subsidiary Sidaplax VOF. In addition to EarthFirst® films, including UL and EarthFirst® shrink label films, the company manufactures a range of value-added polystyrene label films and windowing films under the Polyflex™ brand and distributes lidding films, PET, synthetic papers, and polypropylene substrates to a variety of markets including food, beverage, HBA, chemical, and office products.

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Source: Plastic Suppliers Inc.
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