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Sika Unveils SikaMelt® Series of Lamination Adhesives for Automotive

Published on 2017-04-28. Author : SpecialChem

Sika Automotive has announced the introduction of SikaMelt® "SF" series lamination adhesive products to the automotive market, an industry leading new generation of reactive PUR hotmelt chemistry. The SF series of products are industry-proven, running in successful field application trials for over two years.

SikaMelt® Interior Adhesives
These new products contain lower levels of residual monomer than conventional adhesives. This lower monomeric content helps to address current industry concerns in the handling of these types of products, contributing benefits in use of being Safer, Greener and Sustainable, while maintaining the excellent performance properties required for stringent lamination applications.

Multi-Purpose Hotmelt Adhesives

SikaMelt® adhesives are part of our broad range of hotmelt products, with a chemical structure based on polyurethane, polyolefin (with reactive components) or thermoplastic rubber.

SikaMelt® is ideal for bonding plastics and composites, as well as metals, wood, paper, textiles and foams, for both interior and exterior automotive applications. Physical curing starts while the product is cooling down from its processing temperature and for reactive hotmelts, continues in a chemical crosslinking. Curing speeds vary depending on the moisture content of the air and the temperature, as well as on the moisture content and permeability of the substrates being bonded.

Advantages of PUR Hotmelt Generation of SF Products

The new generation of reactive PUR hotmelts is free of R40 classification, but at the same time the product performance is absolutely the state-of-the-art. Sika SF-technology is now well established in the market and continues to find a growing list of applications. It is unique chemistry that has not lost performance properties while addressing specific industry concerns.

Sika Automotive
PUR hotmelts with low monomeric isocyanate content are state-of-the-art, but these classification free products have typically not fit high-performance requirements including heat resistance and application range due to insufficient crosslinking and poor adhesion performance.

The new SF-technology from Sika is different; the new generation of reactive PUR hotmelts is based on a patent-protected, proprietary "bi-curing technology". A high performance PUR hotmelt, SikaMelt®-9632 SF has been realized with lower levels of residual monomer than conventional adhesives by maintaining comparable performance after curing like standard PUR hotmelts.

Common, but challenging applications running successfully in the market include:
  • Press-lamination of foam backed textile to plastic carriers (pre-treated-PP, ABS, NF)
  • Carpet bonding to NF-PU carrier
  • Press-lamination of leather & synthetic leather to spacer fabric
  • IMG-lamination of TPO to ABS

The new, high performing SikaMelt®-9632 SF is an exceptionally suitable material for the interior automotive market, useable as an all-around product for vacuum- and press lamination bonding. At the same time the products offer a more environmentally friendly approach that easily outperforms similar products in use across industry. Sika First, Safety First.

About Sika Automotive

Sika Automotive is a leading innovator and supplier of automotive bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions for vehicle BIW, body structure, interior and exterior components. Its full range of Sika branded technologies provide increased structural performance and added acoustic comfort in automobiles, while improving automotive production processes.

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Source: Sika Automotive
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