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tesa® Unveils Double-sided Adhesive Tape for the Trim Market

Published on 2015-12-21. Author : SpecialChem

tesa® UK announces the launch of 51865 Profile FIT – one of first double-sided adhesive tapes that is used specifically for the trim market, providing a different adhesive thickness each side of the central filmic liner.

Fig. 1: tesa®

tesa®’s track record on product innovation is such that 50% of its sales are achieved on products developed in the last 5 years and its tesacohesion®customer care programme is comprised of what the business refers to as the‘four Ps’, that is People, Products, Processes and Performance. With the introduction of tesa® 51865 Profile FIT, it’s performance that takes pride of place. With one side of the tape ideal for flat trims and profiles laminated under controlled conditions, the other developed for more challenging, rough and uneven surfaces, the product adapts to a range of operating conditions and applications where dissimilar substrates are encountered.

Typically, these will include decorative trims, cable channels, shelf edges and window skirtings, where a low coating is required to bond one side on a smooth profile and the other needs to deal with wood, card, MDF and the like, sometimes with low-grade finishes, uneven or dusty surfaces.
Decorative Trims and Profiles
Fig. 2: Decorative Trims and Profiles

Used on site by a range of contractors, such as shop and office fitters, electricians and decorators, tesa® 51865 Profile FIT provides ease of application, secure adhesion and a pleasing visual appearance, with an invisible bond.

tesa® 51865 is an transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a differential tackified acrylic adhesive. The covered side has a high coating weight for maximum flexibility and versatility on many different surfaces. The open side of tesa® 51865 shows a reduced coating weight that guarantees a secure bond to flat profiles laminated under controlled conditions.

tesa® 51865 features:
• Excellent bond to extruded trims and profiles
• Reliable bond even to LSE (low surface energy) substrates
• Immediate usability right after assembly
• Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperatures or critical substrates

For in-line applications, across a broad range of fabrication and assembly work, it is supported by tesa® UK with application and dispensing equipment engineered to cater for long spool lengths, tape widths from 4mm to 45mm and core widths of 180mm to 250mm.

tesa® 51865 Profile FIT is suitable for use with most materials and surfaces including wood / veneer, MDF, Cardboard, Steel, Aluminium, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyurethane and PVC. Used in conjunction with recommended pre-treatment solutions and tesa® applicators it can also be used on hard-to-bond plastics (LSE) , such as EPDM, PE, PP or ABS

About tesa®

tesa® is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive tape with products for industrial and professional applications and 300 products for private consumers.

Source: tesa®

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