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Toyochem Unveils Oribain BPS CQ, a Solvent-based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Published on 2015-08-06. Author : SpecialChem

Tokyo, Japan -- Toyochem Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toyo Ink Group, announced that it launched a new BPS CQ line of one-component (one-liquid) type, solvent-based acrylic adhesives under its Oribain® series of pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs). The new adhesive is ideal for industrial applications, such as automotive and electronics.

Currently, the two-component adhesive requires the mixing of the chief agent with a hardener prior to application. In Japan, this two-component system is common in industrial applications due to its high adhesion and high heat-resistance— requisite properties for such applications.

Now, with the newly developed PSA series by Toyochem, manufacturers can meet these physical property requirements with a one-component system as well as achieve both superior adhesion and high shear (excellent heat resistance) at performance levels similar to two-component compositions. Moreover, due to its one-component design, no mixing is required before applying the product, thus allowing manufacturers to use it anytime without worrying about its pot life.

As a result, the new Oribain® series offers reduced labor costs and less defects during processing in addition to energy savings and waste reductions (less liquid waste from mixing operation), thus resolving problems that manufacturers face when handling two-component systems.

With the addition of the new product to its PSA lineup, Toyochem is able to provide single-liquid solutions for a wide array of applications ranging from labels to industrial materials.

“Under our brand slogan of ‘Polymerizing the Ideas of Tomorrow’ adopted as of this fiscal year, Toyochem is working to develop products that harness the unlimited power of polymer technology,” said Satoru Takashima, president of Toyochem. “We developed the Oribain BPS CQ lineup with the aim of expanding our business to markets for industrial applications in addition to labels, which had been our mainstay market till now. We also strive to delight our customers in rapidly growing emerging markets with the ease-of-use of such one-component adhesives. Toyochem is committed to bringing ‘The Ideas of Tomorrow’ to our global customers.”

Furthermore, following this month’s launch of the Oribain BPS CQ series in Japan, Toyochem plans to grow this business to the Asia-Pacific and North America regions where the Toyo Ink Group currently operates manufacturing facilities for acrylic adhesives.

About Toyochem Co., Ltd.

Toyochem oversees the Toyo Ink Group’s Polymers and Coatings-related business segment as a core operating company. Headquartered in Tokyo, it has two production facilities in Saitama and Hyogo prefectures in Japan. The company was founded on the Group’s high polymer design technologies accumulated over a century of resins development for printing inks. Subsequently, it successfully developed advanced core technologies such as technologies that impart certain properties or functionalities, from monomer molecule design to molecular weight control. Such technologies are now applied to its and the Group’s original product lines such as adhesives, adhesive tapes, coatings, and marking films for billboards. In addition, Toyochem’s products serve a wide range of markets, such as self-adhesive labels, can production, construction materials, automobiles, home electronics, electronics and healthcare, among other markets.

Source: Toyochem

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