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Bioplastics Blending and Compounding in Practice

This is a Past Course

Recorded on Feb 19, 2019

Get step-by-step methodology to upgrade your bioplastics performance and successfully adapt to targeted market application or new regulations.

Luis Roca will map the polymers that can be blended with your bioplastic and review additives needed for your formulation (impact modifiers, compatibilizers…) to help boost your bioplastics performance (at par with traditional plastics).

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Luis Roca Presented By:
Luis Roca
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Technology
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

The main problems of bioplastics, especially biodegradable ones (PHA/PHB, PLA, PVOH, PBS…) are mechanical properties (especially toughness) & thermal resistance. While mechanical properties are relatively easier to achieve, thermal ones continue to be a challenge. And with new bioplastic chemistries available today, you need to understand the problems to foresee solutions.

Join this course to learn how to improve the properties of your biopolymers:

1. Select the right polymer to blend with your bioplastic by mapping the various possibilities depending on your material

2. Formulate bioplastics with enhanced properties (impact, chemical resistance, processability, product uniformity…) by determining confidently the right formulation conditions (use of compatibilizers…)

3. Mix properly your bioplastics with a structured method to process your compound
Bioplastics blending compounding

Who should view this course?

R&D professionals & Compounders needing help to improve their bioplastics performance (at par with or better than traditional plastics)


Course Outline

The following sections will be covered in this session:
  1. Bioplastic (biodegradable) blending
    • Bioplastics introduction
    • Polymer selection (PP, PLA/PLB, PHA, PBS, PBAT, PVOH & many more)
    • Properties identification

  2. Bioplastic additivation
    • Impact modification
    • Compatibilizers
    • Plasticizers
    • Cross linkers (Peroxides)
    • Nucleating agents
    • Chain extenders

  3. Bioplastic compounding
    • Micro-rheology
    • Blend Morphology
    • Processing conditions
    • Bioplastic compounds

  4. 30 Mins Q&A session- ask your questions directly to the expert !

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Members Reviews

In depth info on compounding conditions, screw profiles for bioplastics

Andrew G. , from Floreon

I gained a lot of new information like options of compatibilization.

Mareen M. , from Polymaterials AG

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