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Formulating for Skin’s Natural Moisturization based on Physiological Mechanisms

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Wednesday Oct 4, 2023

Avoid picking wrong ingredient combinations among the 4 critical influencers to formulate natural moisturization systems. Decode advanced formulation (hand, body, leg, facial, hair) based on physiological mechanism with environmentally sound approach & proven performance, while fulfilling consumer’s demands.

Join top cosmetics consultant Eric Abrutyn (>50 years of experience) in this 2-day course- 

Part 1: Live course on 4th October, 2023 +

Part 2: Live course on 7th Dec, 2023. 

Explore a fresh approach of recreating healthy/healing skin by learning how to:

  • Reposition synthetic & natural ingredients to match today’s sustainable needs (EcoCert, USDA) usingcommercial examples
  • Substantiate the functional benefit not only after application to the skin but also during application.
  • Build a benchmark prototype formulation by reviewing commercial ‘healthy skin’ formulations

Bonus: Get a 'new-age' starting point skin lotion formulation that you can build upon to achieve your specific objectives based on Eric’s years of expertise.


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Eric Abrutyn Presented By:
Eric Abrutyn

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

Next Session: Oct 4, 2023
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Based on consumers’ evolution for wanting a more natural healthy self-maintaining skin system, it is important to understand the mechanisms of the 3 dermis layers and the stratum corneum. If you fail to pick the right ingredient combinations among the 4 key influencers, creating a healthier skin barrier & a continuous repair of damaged unhealthy skin with your moisturizer would only remain a dream!

Not only this, but the global growing trend for more naturally green technologies also limits the selection of ingredients that can optimally achieve a healthy skin look and feel.

All these troubles could be solved with insights into the skin's physiological mechanisms with renewed healthy skin functional benefits to harness the true power of formulations, recreating skin's natural moisturization. Then what are you waiting for? Join this course to:

  • Avoid formulation failure by selecting the right combination that can synergistically create a better system to achieve optimum repair and maintenance for healthy skin.
  • Achieve performance as commercial products by analyzing and characterizing their functional benefits to your formulation.
  • Understand In-depth formulation do’s & don’ts and get expert guidance based on real-world formulations.
  • Learn best test methods to substantiate achievement of optimal skin performance environment.

Who should attend?

  • Formulators who need to know the types of ingredients and what it means to them in skin care.
  • Marketing group who needs to understand the chemistry of the terms used in the marketplace.
  • Brand leaders/ group leaders/ R&D managers in charge of skin care products and working with ingredients like moisturizers, humectant ingredients and emollients.
  • Product Development scientist to adequately select the right ingredients to achieve the target product.
  • Toxicologist/regulatory department who needs to understand the ingredients and their effect on the skin.
  • Raw Material Suppliers interested in participating in skin care.

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Regular Access to Part 1 + Part 2: 574 € 460 €
On purchasing the course, you'll get access to:
  • Part 1- Live Course: 4th Oct, 2023
  • Part 2- Live Course: 7th Dec, 2023

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Course Outline

The course curriculum is divided in two parts as follows:

Part 1 - Live Course on 4th Oct Part 2 - Live Course on 7th Dec
  1. Skin physiology/optimal moisturized topical skin
    • Sources of skin stress
    • Healthy skin – what and how?
    • Influencing factors optimal skin barrier

  2. Key influencers and popular ingredients for each influencer
    • Natural moisturizing factor
    • 4 Key elements to skin repair and healthy barrier
    • Occlusivity, humectant, keratolytic agent, aesthetic enhancer ingredients
    • Chemical vs green technology for healthy skin

  3. Popular and functional moisturizers
    • Occlusivity agents (e.g. Petrolatum)
    • Humectant agents (e.g., Glycerin)
    • Keratolytic agents (e.g., AHA)
    • Aesthetic enhancers (Dimethicone)

  4. Formulating know-how – Decoding real-world consumer examples
    • Commercial examples and discussion on how they work synergistically
  1. Review of the 4 key elements and key ingredients

  2. In-depth formulation of optimal moisturizers
    • How to formulate for hand, body, leg, facial, hair treatments products
    • Real-life formulation examples … commercial examples and discussion on how they work synergistically
    • Practical tips & tricks

  3. Skin moisturization performance testing
    • Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) 
    • Conductance (Galvanic skin response)
    • Observer dryness 
    • Desquamatry

  • Each part will contain 30mins Q&A session- Ask your questions directly from the expert!

  • Have a query? Email us for any help!

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    Members Reviews

    It had a good balance between properties of the ingredients in the finished product and methods to objectively determine its results. Learnt a lot of raw material properties and its repercussion. Maybe more formulation examples explaining the function of used ingredients would be good. 

    PÉREZ A. , from Cosmewax

    We learnt different things. Especially like the competitive analysis examples, and how to combine for maximum effectiveness.

    Stacy S. , from Spatz Laboratories

    An Excellent Course! It gathers key information that cannot be extracted from books and magazines. I got a better understanding of skin physiology and impact / need of the different type of ingredients.

    Christine D. , from Dow

    The course is excellent! Good overall summary and many ideas on the latest ideas in the field.

    Michael W. , from Ponsus Pharma

    Very good course that provided a good explaination of the properties of the emollients and humectants etc used to produce moisturiser products.

    Tony E. , from Orica

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