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Unicid™ 550 acid

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Baker Hughes

Unicid™ 550 acid by Baker Hughes is a long chain, linear primary carboxylic acid. Acts as an adhesion promoter. Is approximately 80% linear carboxylic acid, the remainder being polyethylene to mirror the chain length distribution of the carboxylic acids. Compatibilizes with functional/polar polymers and increases the adhesion to polar surfaces. It disperses in water, acts as co-emulsifier in anionic systems and reacts to create unique derivatives. Lessens the odor and volatility, forms films in water-in-oil emulsions as well as controls the melting/softening point. Offers carbon chains lengths longer than those of conventional fatty acids. As a result, Unicid™ 550 acid by Baker Hughes offers higher melt points and hardness with improved compatibility in polyolefin as well as hydrocarbon based systems. Contributes to fast migration in polymer systems and flows readily at temperatures just slightly greater than melting point.

Unicid™ 550 acid Product details

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Unicid™ 550 acid Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Melting point, ASTM D127
xxx °C
Penetration @ 25˚C, ASTM D1321
x dmm
Viscosity @ 149°C, ASTM D3236
x cP
Acid number, BWM 3.01 A
xx mgKOH/g

Solubility Properties

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Soluble in
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