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Ultem™ Resin CRS5001

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by SABIC

Polyetherimide.Acts as a flame retardant. Provides improved dispersion, low smoke evolution, low smoke toxicity and faster dissolution in standard solvents. It can accelerate dissolution times by 4-6. It promotes non-halogenated flame retardance and offers stable dielectrical constant & dissipation factors. It is a high performance polymer that combine excellent thermal properties, exceptional dimensional stability and good chemical resistance. It has high glass transition temperature together with excellent long-term heat resistance.

Ultem™ Resin CRS5001 Product details

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Chemical Composition
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Ultem™ Resin CRS5001 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Molecular weight
xxxxx g/mol
Tensile stress, yld, type I, 5 mm/min, ASTM D 638
xx MPa
Specific gravity, ASTM D 792
Tensile strain, brk, type I, 5 mm/min, ASTM D 638
xx %
Flexural stress, yld, 2.6 mm/min, 100 mm span, ASTM D 790
xxx MPa
Dielectric strength, in oil, 3.2 mm, ASTM D 149
xxxx kV/mm
Relative permittivity, 50/60 Hz, ASTM D 150
HDT, 1.82 MPa, 6.4 mm, unannealed, ASTM D 648
xxx °C
Glass transition temperature (Tg)
xxx °C
xx %
Tensile Modulus, 5 mm/min, ASTM D 638
xxxx MPa
Flexural Modulus, 2.6 mm/min, 100 mm span, ASTM D 790
xxxx MPa
Izod Impact, unnotched, 23°C, ASTM D 4812
xxxx J/m
Dissipation Factor, 100 Hz, ASTM D 150
Water Absorption, 24 hours, ASTM D 570
xxxx %
Melt Flow Rate, 337°C/6.6 kgf, ASTM D 1238
xxx g/10 min
Mold Shrinkage, flow, 3.2 mm, SABIC Method
xxxxxxxxx %
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