About UBE Industries

About UBE Industries

UBE Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese company providing higher value-added chemicals for five different markets:
UBE market
  • Specialty Chemicals & Products
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Cement & Construction Materials
  • Machinery and Metal Products
  • Energy and Environment

With over 100 years experience and more than 11 000 employees worldwide, UBE Group is a global company that supplies value-added products all over the world. The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Fukuoka Stock Exchange and in 2014, UBE posted a global turnover of about $6,4 billion.
UBE industries    UBE corporation

Why choose UBE?

  • UBE invests a lot in R&D resources in order to creating unique products.
  • UBE provides high value-added and superior quality products that outperform the market.
  • UBE's personalized advice and technical support enables a closer relationship with each customer
  • UBE aims for sustainable development on a global scale

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