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Cargill founded in 1865, is a leading global supplier of specialty additives having its headquarters in Wayzata, Minnesota, USA. Their unique chemistry provides flexibility, good pigment wetting, and non-yellowing properties recommended for adhesive and sealant applications.

Cargill works to implement new sustainable practices to reduce the impact on the planet and protect people. The company has set priorities that account for the diverse environmental, social, and economic impacts of their business. Cargill offers an extensive range of bio-based ingredients and monomers, polyols, and additives to improve the adhesive performance and environmental profile of adhesive formulations.

Key brands of Cargill include:

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Product Name
Pripol™ 1010 F by Cargill is a high purity, distilled and hydrogenated dimer acid. It provides good color, hydrophobicity, flexibility, thermo-oxidative stability, excellent hydrolysis/chemical... view more
Pripol™ 1009 F by Cargill is a bio-based, high purity, distilled and hydrogenated dimer acid. It contains 100% renewable carbon content. It offers water repellency, flexibility, thermo-oxidative... view more
Pripol™ 1013 by Cargill is a distilled dimer acid with high purity and high difunctionality. It offers flexibility which allows product to deform under stress and prevents cracking. It can also be... view more
Pripol™ 1006 by Cargill is a high difunctional, distilled & hydrogenated dimer acid. It allows the production of high molecular weight polymers, offering excellent mechanical strength to adhesives... view more
Priplast™ 3294 by Cargill is a semi-crystalline, bio-based polyester polyol. Designed for adhesives and sealants. Offers excellent water resistance, superior surface hardness and outstanding... view more
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