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1,1,1- Tris (4-hydroxyphenyl) methane. It is a precursor to epoxy formulations. It has high purity and can be used in wide range of polymers for demanding applications... view more
1,1,1- Tris(4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane triglycidyl ether. It is a precursor for epoxy formulations. It obviates the need to work with epichlorohydrin. It can be used for high temperature applications... view more
2-Phenyl-3,3-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl) phthalimidine. It improves rheology and low temperature properties of polycarbonates. Also enhances thermal resistance. It is suitable for various polymers systems... view more
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Sodium penta chloro phenate. Acts as a fungicide. It can be effectively used as preservative... view more
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Cyclododecanone bisphenol A. It improves rheology and enhances thermal resistance. It can be used in polycarbonate and is suitable for other polymer systems too with two –OH functionalities... view more
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1,1-Bis(4-hydroxy-3-methyl phenyl) cyclohexane. It provides high moisture barrier and thermal resistance due to its aromatic character and rigid cyclic structure. It obviates the need for... view more
Excel Industries
1, 1, 1-Tris-hydroxy phenyl ethane. Acts as a crosslinking agent. Used in epoxies... view more
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  • Polymers>Epoxies (EP)
Excel Industries
1,1,1-Tris (4-hydroxyphenyl) ethane. It has low viscosity and provides high thermal resistance. It is used as cross linking or branching agent for polymers like polycarbonates, epoxy, polyesters and... view more
Tetramethylol bisphenol A. It can be used as a precursor for epoxy formulations... view more
Tris (4-aminophenyl) thiophosphate . It is a multifunctional monomer specifically developed for PU. Imparts inherent flame retardency due to presence of P, N and S elements... view more
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