The Universal Selection Source: Adhesives Ingredients

Teijin Group

Product Name
3,4'-diaminodiphenylether. Used as a raw material for polymers such as aramids & polyimides as well as for resin molding compounds, enameled electric cables, adhesives and films... view more
Methyl terephthalaldehydate. Used in production of polymers and chemical intermediates... view more
Dimethyl terephthalate. It has a low melting point, neutral pH and is dissolved easily in methanol & other solvents. It reacts with chemical substances that are susceptible to degradation at high... view more
Methyl benzoate. Used as a raw material for polymers... view more
Methyl p-toluate. Used as a raw material for fluorescent whitening agents, insecticide and pharmaceuticals... view more
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