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Bitumen Additives for Adhesives and Sealants

SpecialChem / Nov 8, 2005

Bitumens or asphaltic materials have been used as adhesives and sealants for many centuries. Modern formulations utilize both thermosetting and thermoplastic resins to improve their properties. These adhesives are generally supplied as solvent-diluted, emulsion, or hot poured forms. Two-part, chemically activated asphalt modified adhesives and sealants are also available. Ancient applications for bitumen were to waterproof boats, and even as a coating for buildings. Many believe that the city of Carthage was consumed by fire due to extensive use of bitumen in construction. Typical modern applications of bituminous materials are for highway paving, roof coating, and adhesive and sealant joints within the construction industry. However, they are also used in a wide range of other applications that make use of the following advantageous properties. 1. Waterproofing 2. Adhesion 3. Insulation 4. Chemical and fuel resistance In addition to these properties, one of the major advantages of bitumen-based adhesives and sealants is their low cost.

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