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Chemical Admixtures for Concrete and Mortar: Part II – Material Composition and Market Trends

SpecialChem / May 2, 2007

Admixtures for mortar and concrete consist of chemicals, minerals (fly ash, slag, etc.), and particulates (principally organic fiber). These admixtures are generally added to mortar or concrete materials before or during mixing for the purpose of improving workability or physical properties once the mixture sets. Working properties such as flow, curing temperature range, and set time can be modified significantly by using admixtures. However, admixtures are also used to improve the final physical and chemical properties of hardened mortar or concrete. This is accomplished by providing greater strength, toughness, chemical resistance, and overall durability. This is the second part of a two-part article. In the first part, the basics of admixtures in Portland cement materials were explored, and mechanisms were provided as to how they enhance performance. This current article will explore the specific materials that are used in chemical admixtures, the market environment for these materials, and future trends in the admixture industry.

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